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Personal injury claims - case studies and recent settlements

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Below is a selection of recent successful case studies from our personal injury solicitors:

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Recently settled personal injury compensation claims

Road traffic accidents

  • Our client, a taxi driver, was involved in an accident when another driver drove into the rear of his vehicle. Despite the straight forward accident circumstances the claim was disputed by the at fault insurer. Court proceedings were issued following which the Claimant recovered £19,551 for his personal injuries, vehicle damage, and credit hire charges.

  • Our client was travelling as a pillion passenger on a motorcycle when her accident happened. The motorcycle was overtaking cars in a queue of traffic when another vehicle pulled across their path, causing the bikes to collide. Our client was knocked to the ground, hitting her head and injuring her knee. She was later recommended physiotherapy treatment and steroid injections to aid her recovery. Liability for the accident was disputed between the two riders, and eventually liability was settled on a split basis, with each rider accepting 50% blame. A claim was brought against both parties for personal injuries and financial losses including damaged clothing and helmet. The total settlement agreed was £10,670.

  • Our client, who was six years old at the time, was involved in a car accident when travelling as a passenger in a family member’s vehicle. He suffered a laceration to the bridge of his nose, thought to be from his glasses. This left a scar which was still present over two years after the accident, but was expected to become less noticeable as he aged. A claim was brought against the driver of the vehicle our client was travelling in, and settlement was agreed in the sum of £4,500, and subsequently approved by the court at an informal settlement hearing.

  • Our client was involved in a multi-vehicle concertina collision. He suffered multiple soft tissue injuries to his back, neck, chest and shoulder, and was unable to work for several months after the accident. Liability for the accident was disputed between the insurers of the other vehicles involved, therefore we submitted the claim to multiple insurance companies before settlement was agreed. A global offer was received in the sum of £17,000.00 and accepted by the Claimant.

  • Our client has driving a motorbike involved in a head on collision. They suffered a fracture to the right distal radius, neurapraxia of the left brachial plexus, laceration to the tendons in the left hand, soft tissue damage to both shins and ankles, post-traumatic stress including an adjustment disorder and travel anxiety. Liability admitted, settled in the sum of £60,000.

  • Our client was involved in a head on collision whilst driving resulting in a serious ankle injury, bruising to the upper body and a trapped nerve in left shoulder. Liability was admitted and settled in sum of £225,000.

  • Our client suffered soft tissue injuries when he cycled over a speed bump and the seat of his bicycle became detached and he was thrown into the road as a result. He also suffered with psychological symptoms. He received £3,700 in compensation.

Industrial disease

  • Exposure to and inhalation of welding fumes, metal dust and/or chemical vapours, meant our client suffered from emphysema and has recurrent chest infections. Our client received £9,250 in compensation.

Accidents at work

  • Our client was suffered an injury to their arm which required a skin graft, they also suffered from depression and sleep paralysis, the case settled for £54,500.

  • Our client suffered partial amputation to a finger after their hand was caught in machinery at work, liability was admitted and the case settled at £30,000.

  • Our client suffered an accident at work when he was working as a labourer on a building site. He was asked to work on scaffolding, at height, without adequate training or assistance from colleagues. Our client lost his footing whilst carrying heavy materials up a ladder, causing him to fall from height and suffer serious injuries to his heels and ankles. He was awarded £225,000 in compensation.

  • Our client was employed as apprentice electrician, whilst working on a roof as instructed the roof gave way causing our client to fall. They suffered a fracture to left wrist, injury to right shoulder and arm and a depressive disorder. They have been left with permanent and significant symptoms in left wrist and may require future surgery. Liability admitted, settled in the sum of £44,700.

  • Our client received £3,500 after his left ring finger was crushed whilst at work, he suffered a fracture, a laceration and loss of the fingernail and for three years after the accident he experienced numbness in the finger when cold.

Accidents in public places

  • Our client suffered a soft tissue injury to her foot after she slipped on some raw chicken in the meat aisle in a supermarket. The injury caused her mild disability for approximately nine months. She received £3,250 in compensation.

  • Our client suffered an injury to his ankle when his foot fell down a hole in a beer garden. The injury required surgery and physiotherapy. He also developed an adjustment disorder with prolonged depressive reaction due to the unresolved pain and limitations caused by the injury. The case settled for £29,500.

  • Our client received £1,000 after he swallowed a piece of broken glass which had been in his beer which was purchased from the defendant.

  • Our client suffered arm and shoulder pain after she tripped on some missing tiles on a ramp into a bank. The case settled for £4,750.

  • Our client received £2,100 after he sustained a soft tissue injury to his finger caused by a broken chair seat of a stool in a pub.

  • Our client slipped on a layer of water on a bridge and suffered a fracture to her spine and developed a chronic pain disorder accompanied by moderate physical disability and psychological distress. The case settled for £50,000.

  • Our client suffered a fractured vertebrae and a sprained wrist following an accident, the case settled for £50,000.

  • Our client slipped on some water on the floor whilst shopping in a wholesale warehouse. As she slipped she caught her right leg on the underside of her trolley resulting in a laceration. There were no wet floor signs present and the defendant admitted liability. The laceration developed into a venous leg ulcer which took 26 months to heal. She was left with scarring and advised not to expose her leg to sun which impacted her enjoyment of holidays she already had booked prior to the accident. Her ability to carry out tasks at work was also impacted and the medical expert claimed that the ulcer had disadvantaged her in her career as a publican. The claim settled for £10,429. 

  • Our client slipped when walking from a carpeted area to a wooden walkway in a bar. She landed on her back and sustained a soft tissue injury to her right ankle. She was medically examined and it was expected that she would fully recover from her injuries within 18 months and was referred for physiotherapy to alleviate her symptoms. She received £4,273 in compensation.

  • Our client was shopping in a supermarket when she was injured. She was hit by a six foot cage being pulled by an employee. The cage hit the back of her leg causing a 15cm laceration. As a result our client has been left with a 15cm by 5mm permanent scar and she has lost confidence walking freely around. The experience still upsets the client and she will no longer wear skirts because she feels the scar is unsightly. Liability was admitted and the client received £10,000. 

If you have had an accident which was not your fault and you would like to know whether you have a personal injury claim which might entitle you to compensation then please call us on 01616 966 229

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