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Financial dispute resolution

Financial dispute resolution

It’s an unfortunate fact in the business world that disputes can sometimes arise. This could be a dispute with another business or individual, issues within the business itself, or disputes in relation to your organisation’s finances, bank accounts or property.

Our expert commercial litigation and financial dispute solicitors can help you to deal with any such situation if it arises, to find a solution as quickly as possible and minimise the risk to your business.

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Financial dispute FAQs

What is the financial dispute resolution procedure?

The exact procedure will depend on the specific circumstances involved, but It is always preferable to avoid court proceedings whenever possible if a financial dispute arises that involves your business. We can provide all the legal advice and support necessary to help you first try mediation or informal arrangements to resolve the dispute.

If you believe that you might require our financial dispute lawyers to resolve an issue for your business, the earlier you can get us involved, the better the chances of us finding a solution to the problem quickly and with the minimum amount of fuss and stress for all involved. The first step is for you to contact us for an initial consultation about the issue, so we can decide on the best way to proceed and what action needs to be taken next to aim for the best possible outcome for your business.

What is the cost of financial dispute resolution for my business?

The legal costs associated with this type of service will vary, depending on the circumstances around your particular financial dispute, meaning that some cases will be more complex than others, and much will depend on the responses of the other party or parties involved. We can provide you with an estimate of cost once our team has been apprised of the full details of the dispute and we will always keep you fully informed about any additional fees or costs that may be required as the process goes on.

What if my business has a financial dispute with a bank or financial institution?

In relation to financial disputes in the corporate world, issues can sometimes arise between businesses or individuals and financial institutions or banks. If you find yourself in this situation, you’ll need expert advice to ensure that you can make informed decisions about how you wish to proceed. These cases can often be complex, so it’s important that you choose legal representation with a proven track record of successful outcomes in this field, like Stephensons Solicitors. Whether the dispute is over mis-selling a financial product to your business, misrepresentation, breach of contract or any other commercial dispute, we can offer all the support you need to find a legal solution to the issue.

Why choose Stephensons to represent me in a financial dispute?

With years of experience in this area, our commercial litigation and financial dispute team always take a proactive and commercially sensitive approach that is tailored to your requirements and your specific business. We always aim for the swiftest possible resolution and want to minimise the risks to your business, whilst always trying to help you maintain relationships within your business and with stakeholders, alongside any third parties that might be involved. We are dedicated to offering financial dispute resolution services that help your business to focus on what you do best, with us acting as a trusted extension of your firm.

As experts in mediation, this is generally the preferred route for any financial dispute. We have a great reputation for achieving positive results at the mediation stage, meaning that often there is no further action required.

In the event that your dispute does progress to court, we offer expert support at all stages of the process, to ensure that you have all the information and advice to aim for the best possible outcome.

Call us today on 0161 696 6170 if you would like assistance with a business financial dispute.

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