Neglect & abuse compensation claims

Here at Stephensons, our specialist neglect and abuse injury claims solicitors understand these types of cases must be carefully handled with the utmost compassion and professionalism. Our team of experts are here to help you with your compensation claim, and will do all that they can to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

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What is my injury compensation claim worth?

Try our interactive personal injury claims calculator using the link below to find out how much compensation you may be entitled after an accident which resulted in injury.

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What is neglect and abuse?

Neglect and abuse can cover a wide range of very sensitive and harmful situations. Examples include neglecting a child or elderly person, or abusing someone physically, sexually, mentally, verbally or emotionally.

Neglect and abuse are both very serious topics, and from a legal point of view must be dealt with in a sensitive and compassionate manner. We are dedicated to helping individuals and their families to receive as much compensation as possible in these situations, due to the severity of the circumstances they have experienced.

We ensure that anyone coming to us with a neglect or abuse injury claim is supported and given access to as much specialist support and help as is required. Our clients’ best interests and safety are always at the heart of everything we do, and we can assure you that we will always act in complete confidentiality.

Neglect and abuse claims – areas of specialism

Our professional and empathetic team of neglect and abuse solicitors can help victims to claim compensation on a number of matters. These matters include, but are not limited to:

  • Child abuse claims
  • Elderly neglect and abuse claims

Deciding to make a claim regarding any of these issues can be a particularly daunting situation, and as such we treat every claim with care and compassion. Fortunately, many neglect and abuse claims can be settled outside of court. However, in the rare case a court appearance is required, our solicitors will be there to support you every step of the way.

Child abuse claims

If you, or somebody you know, was abused as a child – or you are a parent or carer of a child who is being or has been abused, it is a heart-breaking situation to be in. You may struggle to know who to turn to for help and support.

The specialist team of solicitors at Stephensons has numerous years of dealing with child abuse claims, and helping people to get justice for what they have been through, as well as helping them to claim compensation.

If you are wary about speaking to a solicitor regarding your situation, you can rest assured that we will work closely with you, in total confidentiality and with respect at all times. We understand how traumatic discussing child abuse can be, and we will do everything possible to make you feel comfortable and reassured during the process.

Depending on the individual circumstances of the abuse, there are a variety of options we will pursue in order to ensure you receive the justice you deserve. We may be able to make a claim against the person that abused you, or in some situations it may be more suitable to make a claim against a particular business or organisation involved.

Stephensons will work with you to ensure you identify any individuals or organisations which may be legally responsible for what you have been through. All child abuse claims are different; no matter if the abuse happened recently, or a long time ago, we will do everything in our power to ensure you are able to claim compensation.

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Elderly neglect and abuse claims

Many nursing homes and care homes across the UK take fantastic care of the elderly people who live there. The people residing in nursing homes and care homes often do so in order to live their remaining years in peace, and as a result families will expect them to be cared for efficiently. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

In some rare cases, carers or nurses in such establishments may neglect to check or assess the care they are providing is to an acceptable standard. This can lead to nursing home or care home accidents. Although such accidents may leave many people unharmed, it can be an entirely different situation for an elderly or vulnerable person who may encounter serious physical harm.

Nursing homes and care homes have a duty of care for the people they are looking after, as well as adhering to health and safety best practice as a matter of priority. Failure to prevent avoidable accidents or incidents may be grounds for a successful compensation claim.

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Solicitors here at Stephensons will be happy to discuss all details of your claim with you confidentially, and will never force you into going ahead with legal proceedings.

Throughout the entire process, your best interests are at the heart of everything we do. Our expert team of specialist solicitors are experienced in claiming compensation for people who have suffered neglect or abuse, and can offer the very best in legal advice if you or a loved one has suffered.

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