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Corporate Social Responsibility at Stephensons

As one of the largest and fastest growing providers of legal services Stephensons Solicitors LLP are fully aware of, and have a genuine commitment to, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Our commitment stems from one of the Partners’ common aspirations and objectives; to have a social conscience. So it is with this in mind, we take our responsibility to the wider world extremely seriously and seek to minimise the impact we have on the world’s resources while aiming to maximise the impact we have on the well being of those we serve.

Our determination to affect real change is underpinned by our involvement in the UK Small Business Consortium’s ‘Better Business Journey’, a model which encourages businesses to focus on people, premises, promotion and purchasing. Our policy follows these four signposts.

To demonstrate Stephensons’ commitment to this Policy, the firm has set up a Corporate Social Responsibility task force comprising a cross section of employees, which meets on a quarterly basis to ensure that all our aims remain relevant and are being effectively and appropriately implemented.


People are the most important asset in any business, and at Stephensons we recognise that by empowering our staff, they will contribute to the firm’s continued success. We aim to provide an environment where our employees’ values are consistent with our own.

Stephensons actively invests in training for our staff and encourages all employees to play an active role in the local communities, through fundraising efforts or donating time to worthwhile causes. 

The firm promotes diversity and equality in the workplace through our recruitment processes and staff training programme. The health and well-being of our employees is also a key consideration, and we encourage staff to take regular breaks, in order to achieve a healthy work-life balance. 

We are also committed to providing justice for all areas of the community, and to this end we continue to provide publicly funded legal services to represent the poor and the vulnerable in our communities.

In practice 

Stephensons continually promotes a healthy workforce and annually the firm holds a well being week to encourage staff to think about their health. 

The firm also gathers the opinion of the whole workforce to choose a nominated charity to support each year, and money is raised through initiatives such as dress down Fridays, coffee mornings and a payroll giving scheme.

We have an attractive benefits scheme in place for employees and are proud of our continuing Investors in People status. All our staff are provided with an annual appraisal as an opportunity to discuss personal performance. 

Stephensons runs a childcare voucher scheme for parents who may qualify for tax-exempt childcare vouchers. 

We always try to involve our staff in the firm’s plans for the future through a twice yearly board tour, where everyone has the chance to ask questions to the board.

Stephensons is an active graduate recruiter and is also dedicated to nurturing home grown talent. Each year the firm inducts trainee solicitors into a rigorous and comprehensive two year training regime across all areas of the firm. Many of our trainees go on to become Partners of the future.

Stephensons are registered to the Alzheimer's Society's Dementia Friend scheme.


With regional offices across the North West and London, the firm is aware of the impact it has on the local environment and is committed to promoting solutions that minimise all forms of resource consumption, with a continuing aim of reducing the carbon footprint of our assets and the protection of natural supplies.

In practice

Stephensons’ premises have been assessed by the Carbon Trust, and the firm is currently introducing many of the recommendations from the Trust to reduce the firm’s carbon footprint.

The firm endorses a car-sharing initiative aimed at reducing employee and business transport pollution and has also invested in a ‘Bike to Work’ scheme for those employees seeking a more energy efficient journey to work. 

Where possible, we use recycled paper, and indeed, we always endeavour to incorporate the recycle and re-use ethos in all we do. We are currently recycling waste paper, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and aluminium cans across our network of offices through a system of formal and voluntary recycling schemes.

The firm has a ‘switch it off’ policy and staff are encouraged to turn off equipment that does not need to be left on standby at the end of a working day and also turn off lights when there is no one left in a room.

In the last financial year, Stephensons recycled over 500 printer cartridges, in aid of Action Aid Recycling, while flush savers are being trialled in order to reduce water consumption.


Stephensons proactively communicates our practices to a wide audience, as we believe by using our voice to communicate to the wider world, we will inspire others to do the same and therefore create a much larger impact.

In practice

Internally, our employees are made aware of the firms’ activities through the use of email, an intranet, our website and regular newsletters. We also have dedicated staff committees and CSR focus groups who co-ordinate and maintain momentum in our collective efforts. 

Externally, Stephensons takes a proactive approach to promotion. We have a dedicated marketing team which utilises the full marketing mix to communicate positive messages, including our website, PR, by entering awards, networking and by aligning ourselves with certain industry standards such as LEXCEL and Investors in People. We are also active members of the Law Society’s Strategic CSR group and the Legal Sector Alliance. See:

The firm also communicates responsible business activities to customers and suppliers through regular newsletters, press releases and our website. We also hold several advisory events for our clients throughout the year and support local projects such as awards and charity events through sponsorship. 

The firm also works with community support networks such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, and provides training and development to these groups through seminars, key note speeches and educational courses.

Stephensons is also continually innovating in order to access new markets and provide legal services the way our clients want them. This includes new legal service packages and the introduction of web-based legal documentation.


Stephensons is a responsible purchaser and operates to the highest standard of business integrity. The firm encourages the use of local suppliers where possible, and treats suppliers fairly. The firm recognises that positive purchasing has a large impact on commercial success and always strives to build good long term stable relationships with our suppliers.

In practice

Stephensons works, where relevant, with local businesses and social enterprises. The firm also has a company wide policy to ensure suppliers are paid fairly and on time.