Stephensons in the media

Below are summaries of media appearances and press articles relating to Stephensons Solicitors LLP over the past few months, click the details link to read the article in full where available:

  • Details: Daily Telegraph, The Evening Standard, The Independent – March 2020​
    Headline: Coronavirus could cause a spike in divorces says top lawyer ​
    Summary: Amanda Rimmer comments on how self-isolation could result in a more couples filing for divorce later down the line.

  • Details: Sky News - March 2020​
    Headline: Coronavirus – what are my legal rights? ​
    Summary: Stephensons solicitor, Adam Pennington joins Sky News to explore workers legal rights if they need to self-isolate

  • Details: BBC News, BBC Radio 4, BBC London News
    Headline: Coronavirus: Sick leave and sick pay – what are my rights? ​
    Summary: Employment law solicitor, Martha McKinley explains people’s legal rights and employers responsibilities concerning sick leave and sick pay.  

  • Details: BBC Radio Manchester – March 2020
    Headline: Coronavirus – what are my employment rights? ​
    Summary: Solicitor and employment law specialist,  Adam Pennington, looks at the rights of employees during a coronavirus outbreak.

  • Details: The Guardian, The Daily Mail, The Evening Standard – February 2020 ​
    Headline: Coronavirus – What are your employment rights and how should employers prepare?
    Summary: Employment law specialist, Martha McKinley takes a closer look at how businesses and employees should prepare if the coronavirus takes hold in the UK.

  • Details: The Daily Mail, TalkRadio – February 2020 ​
    Headline: Caroline Flack and the role of the CPS  ​
    Summary: Stephensons’ partner, Sean Joyce comments on the CPS’ approach to dealing with alleged victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse

  • Details: LBC, Global Radio – January 2020​
    Headline: Bereaved parents to be entitled to two weeks’ paid leave from work​
    Summary: Stephensons’ partner, Philip Richardson speaks about the introduction of Jack’s Law and the role and responsibilities of employers.

  • Details: The Daily Mail, BBC Radio 1 – January 2020​
    Headline: Debenhams pays transgender woman £9,000 in sex-discrimination case after refusing to give her a job​
    Summary: Stephensons’ partner, Maria Chadwick, a specialist in civil and employment discrimination cases, comments on the discrimination faced by the transgender community in and out of the workplace.

  • Details: The Daily Telegraph – January 2020
    Headline: Pensions at risk from Law Commission's leasehold reforms​
    Summary: Following the publication of the Law Commission’s leasehold reform proposals, Stephensons’ associate solicitor, Gary Jackson, provides some legal context to The Daily Telegraph.  

  • Details: The Metro  – January 2020
    Headline: Family Christmas arguments ‘leads to spike in wills being rewritten’ ​
    Summary: Stephensons’ partner, Jill Rushton explains why festive fights result in a spike in enquiries from people seeking to amend their Will

  • Details: The Metro, The Mail on Sunday, The Daily Star, The Sun, The Daily Express, The Manchester Evening News – January 2020​
    Headline: D-Day Today – Divorce Day is here as festive fights take toll ​
    Summary: Mandy Rimmer, partner at Stephensons takes an in-depth look at the reasons why the first Monday in January is a busy day for divorce solicitors.

  • Details: The Daily Mirror - December 2019
    Headline: Mad Friday: Revellers let loose on one of the wildest nights of the festive season​
    Summary: Sean Joyce, Stephensons’ partner and head of regulatory and criminal justice comments on the perils of overdoing it during the Christmas period and the impact misbehaviour can have. 

  • Details: Manchester Evening News – December 2019​
    Headline: Your employer can get into trouble if you misbehave at your Christmas work do​
    Summary: Stephensons’ partner, Philip Richardson looks at the consequences of misbehaviour whilst at a work Christmas party.

  • Details: The Independent – November 2019 ​
    Headline: Better off alone, why money is a solo affair​
    Summary: Emma Roberts, a solicitor in the Stephensons’ family department, comments on the legal rights of unmarried couples

  • Details: TalkRadio - November 2019
    Headline: Busting myths around cohabitation ​
    Summary: Solicitor, Emma Roberts looks at the common misconceptions around unmarried couples and their legal rights

  • Details: The Daily Mail - November 2019
    Headline: : David Beckham is pictured for the first time behind the wheel of his car after he was banned from driving​
    Summary: Partner, Sean Joyce, comments on David Beckham’s driving ban following images of the footballer driving whilst using his mobile phone.

  • Details: The Telegraph, Mail Online, The Times, TalkRadio, Daily Express – November 2019
    Headline: McDonald's boss Steve Easterbrook fired for having affair with colleague
    Summary: Employment solicitor, Stephen Woodhouse comments on McDonald's policy which bans employees from having relationships with each other.

  • Details: The Daily Mail - October 2019
    Headline: Michelin-starred TV chef defends 'discriminatory' job ad that asked applicants for photos to work in his restaurant​
    Summary: Employment law solicitor, Martha McKinley comments on whether asking for a photo when recruiting is ok or bad business practice.

  • Details: BBC Radio Manchester - October 2019
    Headline: School admissions and appeals
    Summary: Stephensons’ Partner, Mike Pemberton discusses the school admissions process and parents legal rights when it comes to their child’s education.

  • Details: BBC Radio Wiltshire - October 2019
    Headline: Driving whilst using a mobile phone: What is the law?
    Summary: Motoring law specialist, Paul Loughlin, discusses the legalities of using a mobile phone behind the wheel and whether there are any grey areas.

  • Details: The Daily Mail - September 2019
    Headline: Tears of Thomas Cook cabin crew: Staff prepare to take legal action
    Summary: Stephensons’ Partner, Philip Richardson looks at the legal options for Thomas Cook staff made redundant following the firms collapse.

  • Details: Retail Gazette – September 2019
    Headline: Rent cuts & the tough relationship between retailers & landlords
    Summary: Commercial property solicitor, Jonathon Waterhouse, comments on the future relationship between landlords and retailers.

  • Details: The Daily Mail - August 2019
    Headline: The rise of the practical prenup: Half of young couples intend to sign pre-marital agreements
    Summary: Partner, Mandy Rimmer discusses the results of new research from Stephensons looking at the popularity of prenups with young couples.

  • Details: The Daily Mail – August 2019
    Headline: Ban on hands-free kit won’t work because our traffic police are too overstretched to enforce it, motoring experts say.
    Summary: Motoring law specialist, Paul Loughlin comments on proposals to ban hands-free devices from cars.

  • Details: The Guardian – August 2019
    Headline: Non-disclosure agreements used to muzzle teachers
    Summary: Employment solicitor, Stephen Woodhouse comments on the use of non-diclosure agreements in the education sector.  

  • Details: BBC News - July 2019
    Headline: Airbnb host fined £100,000 for letting council flat
    Summary: Stephensons’ partner, Louise Hebborn provides insight into the legalities of listing a rented property on Airbnb.

  • Details: The Daily Express – July 2019
    Headline: Major change to a common driving law could cost you your driving licence
    Summary: Motoring law solicitor, Paul Loughlin comments on the governments new Road Safety Action Plan and the prospect of penalty points for not wearing a seatbelt.

  • Details: The Daily Express – July 2019
    Headline: Sepsis symptoms: Delayed treatment for ‘hidden killer’ risks ‘catastrophic’ impact
    Summary: Partner and head of the clinical negligence department, Judith Thomas-Whittingham comments on the impact of delays in the treatment of sepsis.

  • Details: The Daily Telegraph – July 2019
    Headline: Asbestos found in nearly half of local authority run primary schools, new figures show
    Summary: Partner and head of the personal injury department, Kate Sweeney, provides her thoughts on the number of primary schools reporting asbestos on their premises.

  • Details: Daily Mirror - July 2019
    Headline: Asbestos danger in 5000 primary schools
    Summary: Partner and personal injury specialist, Kate Sweeney, comments on the prevalence of asbestos in the education system.

  • Details: BBC News Online – June 2019
    Headline: Mark Field: What is the law on tackling intruders?
    Summary: Following the suspension of MP, Mark Field, Colin Rawson, a partner at Stephensons, discusses the law around tackling intruders.

  • Details: BBC Radio Coventry and Warwickshire – June 2019
    Headline: Do I own the land beneath my house?
    Summary: Dispute resolution solicitor, Niall Helferty discusses whether a homeowner also owns the land underneath their property.

  • Details: The Daily Mail – May 2019
    Headline: Should I change my Will when I move house?
    Summary: Jill Rushton provides expertise on whether you should amend your Will if you change your address.

  • Details: The Daily Mail - May 2019
    Headline: David Beckham gets a six-month driving ban
    Summary: Stephensons’ head of regulatory and criminal justice, Sean Joyce, comments on the driving ban imposed on David Beckham after he was photographed driving whilst using his phone.

  • Details: BBC Radio Manchester - April 2019
    Headline: National Offer Day: Primary Schools
    Summary: Mike Pemberton discusses the legal rights of parents seeking to challenge their child’s primary school offer.

  • Details: LBC - April 2019
    Headline: Driver spared jail because she is a woman
    Summary: Paul Loughlin provides legal insight into a case where a woman was spared jail for motoring offences, seemingly because of her gender.

  • Details: BBC Radio Berkshire - March 2019
    Headline: Driving whilst using your mobile phone - what can and what can't you do? 
    Summary: Motoring solicitor, Paul Loughlin, explains the law around using your phone behind the wheel. 

  • Julie Hunter

    Details: The Sunday Times - March 2019
    Headline: Hacked company can demand full payment
    Summary: Commercial litigation solicitor, Julie Hunter, explains the legal rights of a company and their customer who lost £100,000 following an email hack

  • Adam Sym

    Details: BBC Radio 4 - March 2019
    Headline: Money Box - Probate
    Summary: Probate executive, Adam Sym, explains the responsibilities of an executor of a Will and what to do if you’re faced with demands for monies following the death of a loved one

  • Details: The Daily Telegraph - March 2019
    Headline: More than one-third of couples suffer mobile phone 'screen snubbing' by their partner, survey finds
    Summary: Stephensons’ Head of Divorce, Mandy Rimmer, looks at the impact of technology on modern marriage and relationships

  • Details: Mail Online - March 2019
    Headline: 'I feel I've failed my son': Parents tell of despair as one-in-five children across UK miss out on first-choice of secondary school after allocations are announced
    Summary: Mike Pemberton discusses the options available to parents whose children did not get a place in their preferred secondary school.

  • Details: Personnel Today - February 2019
    Headline: Four in ten companies have reported a wider gender pay gap
    Summary: Employment solicitor, Martha McKinley comments on the growing gender pay gap in large companies in the UK.

  • Details: LBC - February  2019
    Headline: Prince Philip surrenders his driving licence 
    Summary: Motoring specialist, Paul Loughlin, gives his thoughts on Prince Philip voluntarily surrendering his driving licence and looks at the legal issues in this particular case. 

  • Details: Channel 5 News - February 2019
    Headline: Rolf Harris’ breach of licence 
    Summary: Mike Pemberton, Partner and Head of Civil Liberties, explains the legal position for Rolf Harris following a potential breach of his licence.

  • Details: ITV Granada Reports - January 2019
    Headline: ‘Clare’s Law’ to give people right to find out details of partner’s past from police
    Summary: Head of Family Law, Victoria Gethin discusses Clare’s Law and how its introduction should better protect potential victims of domestic abuse.

  • Details: LBC - January 2019
    Headline: Prince Philip’s car accident
    Summary: Paul Loughlin, a specialist motoring lawyer at Stephensons discusses Prince Philip’s incident and the law around careless driving.

  • Details: ITV – Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories (Series 4, Episode 8) - January 2019
    Summary: Sean Joyce provides legal commentary on the case of a man who defrauded thousands of pounds from his own family.  

  • Details: ITV – Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories (series 4, episode 8)
    Summary: Sean Joyce provides legal commentary on the case of a man who defrauded thousands of pounds from his own family.  

  • Details: The Times - November 2018
    Headline: Injuries are a part of rugby, player told as he loses claim
    Summary: Danielle Callaway, a partner in our personal injury team, looks at the issue of injury claims made by sports professionals.   

  • Details: BBC Radio Humberside - November 2018
    Headline: Restorative justice - does it work?
    Summary: Sean Joyce discusses the pros and cons of restorative justice and what to keep in mind.

  • Details: BBC Two – November 2018
    Headline: Conviction: Murder at the Station
    Summary: Correna Platt examines the case of convicted murderer Roger Kearney and his fight for an appeal.

  • Details: Love Money - November 2018
    Headline: Passing on property: Gifts, Inheritance Tax and trusts explained
    Summary: Nicola Mawson explores the ins and outs of gifting property for the personal finance website, Love Money.

  • Details: ZooplaOctober 2018
    Headline: What new HMO rules mean for landlords and tenants
    Summary: Jonathon Waterhouse looks at changes to the licencing of rental properties for Houses of Multiple Occupation.

  • Details: The Sunday Telegraph - September 2018
    Headline: Virgin drops drag queen 'for being a woman'
    Summary: Head of discrimination law, Maria Chadwick, comments on a discrimination row between Virgin Atlantic and a drag queen who was dropped from their advert 'for being a woman'.

  • Details: The Daily Mail - September 2018
    Headline: Clive hired a 'master builder' to fix up his four-bedroom Somerset home...but he's now £84k out of pocket after the firm he used went bust
    Summary: Andrew Leakey comments on the flaws in the Federation of Master Builders verification process.

  • Details: The Times - September 2018
    Headline: How school uniforms became the new legal battleground
    Summary: Mike Pemberton discusses the increasing number of parents seeking legal advice when completing school applications, appealing admission decisions and challenging exclusions.

  • Details: The Sunday Times - August 2018
    Headline: Violent dispute over a driveway cost us £50,000
    Summary: Solicitor, Niall Helferty, discusses the ins and outs of dealing with a long-running neighbour dispute in The Sunday Times.

  • Details: BBC News - August 2018
    Headline: Jet2 plane divert row couple cleared of endangering aircraft
    Summary: Cecilia Goodwin helps secure an acquittal for a client who faced a charge of endangering an aircraft when the plane was diverted following an argument between the couple.

  • Details: The Guardian - July 2018
    Headline: Court allows police to reveal acquittals during record checks
    Summary: Mike Pemberton reacts to the Supreme Court’s ruling on the case of AR - v – Greater Manchester Police.

  • Details: BBC Radio Manchester- July 2018
    Summary: Mandy Rimmer discusses The Supreme Court’s ruling in the case of Owens vs. Owens and its implications for divorce law in the UK.  

  • Details: Fleet Point - July 2018
    Headline: London courier firm sued in 'gig economy' transgender case
    Summary: Phil Richardson comments on the issues surrounding the employment rights of gig economy workers.

  • Details: Daily Mail - June 2018
    Headline: Is this the death of the gig economy? Pimlico plumbers boss warns firms such as Uber and Deliveroo to brace for a 'tsunami of claims' after heating engineer wins landmark workers' rights battle
    Summary: Phil Richardson comments on the judgement made by the Supreme Court and what it could mean for other gig economy workers.

  • Details: ITV - Judge Rinder's Crime Stories (series 3, episode 11) - May 2018
    Summary: Sean Joyce appeared on Judge Rinder's Crime Stories to provide an insight into the criminal justice process for drink and drug driving offences

  • Details: The Times (subscription) - May 2018
    Headline: Bailiffs scared me into paying a fine that was not mine
    Summary: Andrew Leakey discusses bailiff law and how you can prove you own your items to avoid having to pay fines belonging to somebody else living at your property.

  • Details: LBC - May 2018
    Summary: Andrew Leakey discusses the discrimination law case involving a bakery owned by a devout Christian family who refused to bake a cake featuring the words 'Support Gay Marriage'.

  • Details: Daily Express - April 2018
    Headline: Bowel cancer: 95 per cent CAN’T diagnose Britain's second biggest killer
    Summary: A study by Stephensons' clinical negligence team finds that 95 per cent of people cannot confidently identify symptoms of bowel cancer.

  • Details: BBC News Online - April 2018
    Headline: No girls, no entry: Is it OK for bars to turn away groups of men?
    Summary: Head of discrimination law, Maria Chadwick, discusses how groups of men being turned away from bars may be discriminatory.

  • Details: The Sunday Times and The Times (subscription) - April 2018
    Headline: Insurer drove us to new despair
    Summary: Motoring law expert, Paul Loughlin, discusses the implications automatic insurance policy renewals can cause.

  • Details: BBC Radio 5 Live and LBC - April 2018
    Summary: Motoring law expert, Paul Loughlin, discusses Ant McPartlin's record breaking drink driving fine.

  • Details: BBC Radio Manchester - April 2018
    Summary: Mike Pemberton discusses national primary school offer day and how parents can appeal.

  • Details: Accountancy Age - April 2018
    Headline: FRC introduces £10m sanctions for Big Four firms
    SummaryCarl Johnson comments on the enforcement action and financial penalty taken against Deloitte Brazil.

  • Details: Care Home Environment - March 2018
    Headline: Facing up to the challenge of CQC inspections
    Summary: Laura Hannah explains why care home providers must challenge decisions that are not accurate or consistent with the CQC’s strategy and framework in order to protect their businesses and reputations

  • Details: Fleet News - March 2018
    Headline: More work is needed to explain the law on mobile phone usage
    Summary: Paul Loughlin discusses how despite falling numbers of fixed penalty notices for mobile phone use at the wheel, more needs to be done to combat the issue.

  • Details: Personnel Today - February 2018
    Headline: Charity scandal: Can employers inform others about misconduct?
    Summary: Martha McKinley highlights the issues surrounding providing staff with references, particularly for those with potentially damaging allegations on their records.

  • Details: The Sunday Times - February 2018
    Headline: He put his insurer on the spot…and won six years of refunds
    Summary: Andrew Leakey discusses home insurance after a retired banker questioned how his provider calculated its charges.

  • Details: Personnel Today - February 2018
    Headline: Five things buried in the Good Work plan consultations
    Summary: Phil Richardson discusses how new employment law legislation must address issues concerning the gig economy as it is now and take into consideration how it may be in the future.

  • Details: 24 Housing - February 2018
    Headline: 'Government rolls out Universal Credit changes to address arrears spike'
    Summary: Louise Hebborn discusses how the changes to Universal Credit will affect not just tenants but their landlords and registered providers.

  • Details: ITV Granada report with Elaine Willcox
    Summary: Mike Pemberton, Head of Public Law, comments on the legal implications concerning Poppi Worthington.

  • Details: ITV This Morning - November 2017
    Summary: Andrew Leakey gives advice to callers about neighbour disputes. Watch on ITVHub.

  • Details: The Telegraph - July 2017
    Headline: 'My Sky broadband was wiped out by neighbour's faulty kettle'
    Summary: Andrew Leakey discusses the rights of consumers with regards to their broadband contracts when they experience outages.

  • Details: The Independent - July 2017
    Headline: Government to refund tribunal fees after Supreme Court ruling, Ministry of Justice reveals
    Summary: Phil Richardson discusses the decision of the Supreme Court to stop charging employment tribunal fees and refund thousands who have paid them in recent years.

  • Details: Mail Online - July 2017
    Headline: Pay up...or we'll switch off your car: rutless finance firms install 'kill switches; to immobilise vehicles if drivers miss a payment.
    Summary: Andrew Leakey highlights the problems that may arise if finance firms have the ability to immobilise customers' cars.

  • Details: The Independent - July 2017
    Headline: Finance firms fitting 'kill switches' to immobilise customers' cars if they miss a payment
    Summary: Andrew Leakey highlights the problems that may arise if finance firms have the ability to immobilise customers' cars.

  • Details: LBC - June 2017
    Summary: Mike Devlin on: British Asian couple in adoption row with council. 

  • Details: LBC - June 2017
    Summary: Joanne Ellis on: Grenfell Tower - eviction of tenants for fire safety.

  • Details: BBC Radio 5 Live - June 2017
    Summary: Rachel Adamson on: Grenfell Tower - possibility of charges for corporate manslaughter.

  • Details: The Guardian - June 2017
    Headline: Key questions about the Grenfell Tower fire
    Summary: Rachel Adamson comments on the potential corporate manslaughter charges which could be brought after the Grenfell Tower fire.

  • Details: Metro - June 2017
    Headline: Theresa May orders full public inquiry into Grenfell Tower disaster.
    Summary: Mike Pemberton explains the different types of public inquiry.

  • Details:  ITV - June 2017
    Summary: Sean Joyce appeared on Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories, series two episode two.

  • Details:  ITV - June 2017
    Summary: Rachel Adamson appeared on Judge Rinder’s Crime Stories, series two episode two.

  • Details: Mail Online - June 2017
    Headline: Four managers at company paid £11million to manage inferno tower block shared more than £650,000 pay last year
    Summary: Rachel Adamson comments on the potential criminal charges which could be brought after the Grenfell Tower fire.

  • Details: The Independent - April 2017
    Headline: Newcastle United and West Ham HMRC investigation is 'of a very serious nature''
    Summary: Rachel Adamson comments on how the scale of the investigation into the two clubs suggests that the alleged offences are of a very serious nature.

  • Details: Money Supermarket - March 2017
    Headline: Insurance and driverless cars - where next?
    Summary: Kate Sweeney, head of personal injury, explains the implications of insurance for driverless cars.

  • Details: The Sun - March 2017
    Headline: Parents reveal heartbreak of teen mum who went into hospital with tonsillitis and died less than 24 hours later
    Summary: Claire Mooney comments on one of our recent clinical negligence cases where the death of a young mother could have been avoided if appropriate medical investigations had been carried out.

  • Details: 24 Housing - February 2017
    Headline: Housing associations 'front & centre' in Housing White Paper
    Summary: Kate Bullen examines the recent Housing White Paper and the key points for housing providers.

  • Details: The Sun - February 2017
    Headline: Ex-DVD rental shop boss threatens 900 customers with bailiffs over unpaid fines total £40,000 from 20 years ago
    Summary: Matthew Halton comments on the difficulties involved when enforcing a debt more than six years old.