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New build house problems

Buying a new build property, whether it’s your first step on the housing ladder or your planned forever home, is something that many homebuyers think will minimise the risk of things being wrong with the house. It’s definitely true that older properties that may have been around for many years and had many different types of work done on them in the past, or are in need of some repair and maintenance work urgently, can be very expensive to sort out. Even with a full structural survey, sometimes issues can be missed. However, despite usually having a several-year guarantee and theoretically being in pristine condition, new build problems are actually very common.

Problems with new build homes in the UK can take many forms, many of them minor, and good developers will usually work with new homeowners to resolve any issues that come to light after they move in, with things like snagging guarantees and regular checks to make sure that everything is fine.

However, in some cases, the promised fixes don’t happen, and the issues are not addressed by the developers, who have often moved onto new properties or projects by this time, and you can end up waiting months for repairs that don’t materialise. There are also occasions when the developer won’t admit liability for specific issues you’re having with your new build home, and you might be in dispute with them over whose responsibility it is to fix the problems.

If you’ve chosen a new build property because you want a ‘worry-free’ experience, sadly this isn’t always the way things turn out. Our specialist dispute resolution team can give expert advice in this area of law and help you to achieve the best possible outcome from the situation. Call us on 0161 696 6178.

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New build garden problems

New build issues are not restricted to the interior of the house. Many homeowners experience problems with new build houses that are related to the garden or outdoor space. New build garden drainage problems can mean that rainwater has no way to drain away from the outdoor area and can, over time, cause issues that affect both the outside and inside of the property.

New build lawn problems are very common too. If you’re a homebuyer who has paid the developer for your garden to be professionally turfed, but the garden seems unable to sustain plant life once you have moved in, despite you following all of the correct procedures, this can be very difficult to deal with.

What can I do if I I’ve got new build home problems that the developer won’t or can’t fix?

Despite having a warranty in place, many homeowners find that getting the builders back to fix issues isn’t as straightforward as they were led to believe it would be, especially if the problems don’t become evident straight away. Problems with new build homes aren’t just inconvenient and expensive to resolve, it can have a big impact on daily life in your new home and your enjoyment of the property.

Issues with new build homes that cannot be resolved by speaking to the builder who worked on your property means that you’ll need to escalate the issue further. You can potentially seek compensation for the new build problems or negligence or poor workmanship from those who built your home.

For help resolving a dispute related to a new build home, call our team on 0161 696 6178.

How can Stephensons help with new build home problems?

Our team have experience in dealing with situations like this, where the relationship between the homeowner and developer has broken down and the builder hasn’t fulfilled their duties correctly. We’re experts in dispute resolution in situations such as this, with a track record in achieving the best possible outcome for our clients.

Whether the situation requires our legal expertise for litigation against the developers, or can be resolved via negotiation instead, we offer specialist support to our clients to help ensure they can move forward from the issues and start enjoying their home fully as soon as possible.

Get in touch for free initial advice and to find out more by calling 0161 696 6178.

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