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Our human rights can be affected by the decisions or actions of public authorities. If a specific public authority decision does not go in your favour or an action by a public authority causes you injury, loss of liberty or any other loss then our human rights solicitors and civil liberties experts may be able to assist you in making a claim. Speak to our specialist human rights law team on 0175 321 5096.

We have dedicated teams who can assist you with:

  • Public law
  • Suing the police and other public bodies/authorities
  • Education law
  • Challenging/appealing clandestine entrant fines/penalties
  • Court of Protection decisions

You can therefore have confidence that whatever your problem, we have an expert with the ability to advise you.

You can also be confident of a thorough approach to your problem - our human rights solicitors have a reputation for making law and have been involved in ground breaking cases.

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Areas of specialism

Education law, judicial review and human rights law

Our public law team have been involved in a number of high profile cases and have pursued actions all the way to the European Court of Human Rights. 

Our education law team are able to assist with the areas of law associated with education from admissions, exclusions and special educational needs to discrimination claims or judicial review of decisions made by the authorities

Compensation claims and complaints against the police and public bodies/authorities

Our actions against the police and public bodies solicitors are part of a department which is nationally recognised as leaders in the field of human rights law. Our solicitors make compensation claims and undertake public law challenges on issues concerning human rights law and decisions by public authorities

Court of Protection decisions

The Court of Protection is a specialist court safeguarding the rights of those who lack mental capacity or are vulnerable in making decisions. Our specialist lawyers are experts in providing advice on issues relating to the Court of Protection or in cases where you are involved in a dispute regarding mental capacity, a medical treatment decision or feel that you or a loved one are being deprived of your liberty.

Compensation claims arising from cases heard in the Court of Protection

Examples of where a claim for compensation can be made in the Court of Protection or in the High Court or County Court following the conclusion of a case in the Court of Protection:

  • Where a vulnerable person has been removed from their home against their will and/or against their family's wishes (for example, to be placed in a care home)
  • Where a vulnerable person is not allowed to leave a care home or placement and is being deprived of their liberty
  • Where a vulnerable person is prevented from having contact with close family members
  • Where the local authority or other public body has not taken reasonable steps to protect a vulnerable person. This could include compensation for a delay in bringing a case before the Court of Protection

Statutory appeals

Our specialist lawyers assist hauliers facing civil penalties following the discovery of clandestine entrants in their vehicles. These penalties can be imposed against drivers and owners of vehicles both jointly and separately. Our experts have experience in challenging and appealing against these fines in the County Court. 

We're widely accredited for our work - regulatory & criminal justice

  • Legal 500

It is our business to deliver legal services that work for our clients, you can trust our specialists to take care of things on your behalf. Over the years our regulatory and criminal justice team has been recognised by industry awards and accredited for their excellence.

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It is our business to deliver legal services that work for our clients, and you can trust our specialists to take care of things on your behalf.

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