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Beauty treatment accident, negligence & injury compensation claims

The beauty industry is booming and worryingly, you need absolutely no qualifications to administer dermal injections, botox, or to inject a client’s face with semi permanent make up pigmentation, and there is little regulation in this type of industry. In addition to a potential lack of qualifications, a beauty therapist can obtain these products online from unlicensed sources, and with no real knowledge of what those products contain.

Following the highly publicised breast implant scandal a few years ago, a review was undertaken of the UK beauty industry which is currently worth billions of pounds. Recommendations were made to the government to the effect that there should be a register of practitioners, who should be properly qualified to carry out the procedures they were offering, and also to set up an ombudsman to help those who had suffered injury as a result of private cosmetic treatment. It seems unlikely that this is going to happen in the near future so what happens if your pampering session or treat turns into a nightmare?  What can you do about this?

Our personal injury claims solicitors have considerable knowledge and experience handling beauty treatment compensation claims and can help if you find yourself in this unfortunate situation. If you would like to speak to a member of the team call us on 01616 966 229 or complete our online enquiry form and we will contact you directly. 


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Types of beauty treatment injury claims

  • Hairdressing claims, where the application of hair dye, or perming, and straightening lotions has caused hair loss, scalp burns, and dermatological conditions.
  • Semi permanent make up claims, where the injection of pigmentation into the face has resulted in unnatural colour, or has altered the shape of lips, eyebrows etc.
  • Application of eyelashes, where this may have resulted in injury to sight or dermatological conditions around the eyelids.
  • Waxing could cause burn injuries to many parts of the body and face.
  • Cosmetic nail application could result in dermatological conditions of surrounding skin, or even removal of the natural nail.
  • Botox and dermal fillers, including lip fillers. This has been known to cause altered sensation to the face, nerve damage and even paralysis.

What should I do if injured during a beauty treatment?

If you find yourself with an injury caused by a beauty practitioner you should contact them notifying them of the injury. It is wise to pay with a card for this type of treatment, so that payment (and your appointment with them) can be traced, however, typically small businesses of this kind operate on a cash only system. Ask for receipt of payment as proof of your visit.

It is vital that good quality photographs of the injury or damage are taken both straightaway and at regular intervals afterwards. This will not only help to prove your injuries, but will help your solicitor to pursue your case. Seek medical advice or treatment at the earliest possible opportunity, to ensure that you have the best chance of recovery, and to get details of the incident on record.

Our personal injury claims solicitors have a wealth of experience in dealing with all types of hairdressing and beauty claims and can obtain expert evidence from a broad spectrum of medical consultants, including trichologists, plastic surgeons and dermatologists.

Is there a time limit for making a claim following a beauty treatment injury?

The time limit for making a claim following an injury sustained during a beauty treatment is 3 years from the date of the accident. Court proceedings must be issued against the defendant by the third anniversary of the accident, otherwise the case will become 'statute barred', and the injured party will lose the right to seek compensation. Therefore, it is essential to seek specialist legal assistance at the earliest opportunity.

Is no win no fee available for beauty treatment injury compensation claims?

Our personal injury compensation claims solicitors offer no win, no fee funding arrangements in relation to this type of case.

Examples of cases our specialists have dealt with:

Injured at beauty salon

Our personal injury claims team recently settled a case for a claimant who had sustained injury due to a negligent beauty treatment at a beauty salon.

The claimant attended a beauty salon in order to undergo a back cleanse treatment which involved the use of a steamer. The claimant underwent a massage and was then left alone whilst the steamer was being used. After around five minutes, the claimant’s back started to become uncomfortably hot as so she tried to cover herself with a towel. As she was doing so, the steamer fell off its stand and landed on the massage bed.

The claimant sustained burns to her back which left a circular scar of 3.5 x 3.2cm in her left lumbar region. The claimant’s burn was managed conservatively with dressings and took three weeks to heal. The expert opinion was that the scar would fade but remain visible in social situations if the claimant was wearing a swimming costume or a low back dress.

After Stephensons proceeded with the case against the beauty salon owners, the case was settled and the claimant received £5,000 compensation. 

Injured at health club

Our personal injury claims team settled a case for a claimant who had sustained injury due to receiving a massage treatment on a defective bed.

The claimant attended at Donnington Valley Health Club as her children had bought her a type of aqua massage treatment, a hydrotherm massage as a surprise. The massage required the claimant to lie on a hot ‘lilo’ type bed and where she then received a manual massage. The full body massage lasted for one hour. The claimant noted that the bed was too hot when she began the massage; however she was advised that her body would get used to it and so she proceeded with the massage. It was later in the evening when the claimant noticed that her back and buttocks were particularly red.

The claimant suffered thermal burns across the whole of her back and buttocks. Due to the claimant’s injuries, for the first two to three weeks she was in a lot of pain so had trouble sleeping. The expert opinion was that the claimant would recover completely from her injuries four weeks post accident.

After Stephensons proceeded with the case against the property owners, the case was settled and the claimant received £1,350 compensation. 

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