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No win no fee personal injury claims solicitors

At Stephensons, we understand that accidents can bring about physical pain, emotional distress, and a financial burden on you and your loved ones. That's why our dedicated team of no win no fee personal injury lawyers is here to help you navigate through the complexities of making a claim if you've been injured in an accident that wasn't your fault. With a "no win, no fee" agreement, we aim to provide accessible legal assistance, ensuring that you receive the compensation you deserve if your claim is successful. Whether you've been involved in a road traffic accident, a workplace incident, or a slip and fall incident, our experienced solicitors are ready to fight for your rights and help you begin your journey towards recovery.

Our aim is to provide top quality no win no fee personal injury claims assistance to help you access the compensation you deserve when making a valid claim. You can be sure our talented team of no win no fee injury claims solicitors will provide specialist support and advice, regularly achieving successful claims and winning compensation for our clients. However, we know that many of our clients find the uncertainty of whether a claim for compensation will be successful or not is a challenge, with a potential burden of legal fees.That’s why we offer a no win no fee promise to our eligible clients, so that if your claim is unsuccessful, you don’t have the worry of financial risk. 


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Why choose our no win wo fee personal injury solicitors?

At Stephensons we understand that suffering from a personal injury can be a traumatic experience. That's why we have a team of expert legal advisors ready to help you navigate the complex world of personal injury claims. Whether you've been injured in a car accident, workplace incident, or any other type of accident that wasn't your fault, our professionals can quickly assess whether you have grounds for a compensation claim.

Our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to evolving our services to meet the needs of our customers. We believe that everyone deserves the right compensation for their pain and suffering. From start to finish, we will work tirelessly to ensure that your claim includes the appropriate level of compensation for your specific needs.

It all starts with a simple conversation. Even if you're unsure about whether you have grounds for a claim, give us a call on 0161 696 6235. Our friendly advisors will guide you through the process and help you understand your options.

Rest assured, our team's expertise has been recognised in the legal industry. We were awarded 'Personal Injury/Clinical Negligence Team of the Year' at the 2022 Manchester Legal Awards and commended in The Times Best Law Firms 2019. With Stephensons you can trust that you're in capable hands.

How can our no win no fee personal injury solicitors help?

Our dedicated team of solicitors are here to support you every step of the way in your personal injury claim, providing comprehensive legal guidance and expertise. With our "no win, no fee" policy, you can pursue your claim without financial risk. Our solicitors have extensive experience in handling a wide range of personal injury cases, ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome. From car accidents to workplace injuries, our solicitors are well-equipped to handle various types of claims. We understand the physical, emotional, and financial impact that a personal injury can have on your life, and we are committed to fighting for your rights and securing the compensation you deserve.

Who can our no win no fee personal injury solicitors help?

Our no win no fee personal injury solicitors specialise in supporting a wide range of clients who have been adversely affected by someone else's negligence or intentional misconduct. Whether you're a construction worker injured on the job, a motorist involved in a car accident, someone who has suffered due to accident at work, or a consumer harmed by a defective product, we're here to help. Our services also extend to family members seeking justice for wrongful death cases.

How much do no win no fee lawyers take?

The amount that no win no fee lawyers take can vary. In general, they usually take a percentage of the final settlement amount as their fee. This percentage can range from 20% to 40%, depending on the complexity of the case and the lawyer's experience.

Is it worth using a no win no fee solicitor?

Yes, using a no win no fee solicitor can be worth it, especially if you cannot afford legal fees up front. This arrangement ensures that you won't have to pay any legal fees if your case is unsuccessful, giving you peace of mind. However, it's important to carefully read the terms and conditions of the agreement before proceeding.

What happens if you lose a no win no fee claim?

If you lose a no win no fee claim, you typically won't be charged any legal fees by your solicitor. However, you may still be liable for the other party's legal costs and expenses, which could include court fees and expert witness fees. It's important to discuss the specific terms and conditions of your agreement with your solicitor to understand all potential outcomes.

How long does a no win no fee claim take?

The duration of a no win no fee claim can vary, depending on various factors such as the complexity of the case, negotiations, and any potential court proceedings. It can take several months to a few years to reach a resolution.

How do I choose a no win no fee solicitor?

To choose a no win no fee solicitor, conduct thorough research to ensure they have expertise in your specific legal matter, a successful track record of winning cases, transparent fee structure, and a clear understanding of the terms and conditions of their no win no fee agreement.

What is the time limit for a no win no fee injury claim?

The time limit for a no win no fee injury claim varies depending on the jurisdiction. In England and Wales, it is generally three years from the date of the injury or diagnosis, but there are some exceptions to this.

How do I make a no win no fee claim?

To make a no win no fee claim, you need to find a solicitor or law firm that offers this service. They will assess your case and determine if it is eligible for a no win no fee arrangement. If they believe you have a strong case, they will handle the legal proceedings on your behalf, and you will only need to pay their fees if you win the case.

How successful are no win no fee cases?

No win no fee cases can be successful if the evidence is strong and the case has a high chance of success. However, the outcome can vary, depending on the complexity of the case and the skills of the legal team involved.

Contact our no win no fee personal injury solicitors

If you believe you may be entitled to compensation for an accident or injury, we are here to help. Contact our experienced solicitors specialising in personal injury cases by calling 0161 696 6235 or filling out our convenient online enquiry form. Our team is dedicated to providing excellent legal representation and will guide you through the entire claims process.

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