Issue legal proceedings

If payment is not made in full after a letter before action is issued, on your instruction our debt recovery specialists will issue a claim at Court on your behalf, for a fixed fee. Our charges vary depending on the size of the debt involved.

The claim form will detail the debt due and will include a claim for interest and/or compensation, as well as solicitors fixed costs and the Court fee paid.
Once the claim is issued at Court, the debtor has 14 days to respond by either acknowledging the debt (in which case a further 14 days is allowed, 28 days from issue in total) or by; admitting the debt and/or offering a rate of repayment; part admitting the debt and/or offering a rate of repayment or; to defend and/or lodge a counterclaim.
If no response is received after 14 days you are entitled to request Judgment often referred to as a CCJ.