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Our medical negligence solicitors have extensive experience of handling birth injury compensation claims with particular expertise in cerebral palsy claims, in some cases our clients have very severe disabilities needing 24 hour care because of their birth injuries. Call us on 0203 817 9430 for free initial advice or complete our online enquiry form  and we will contact you directly.

Our successful cases have recovered millions of pounds in compensation for our clients which has been used to cover care, accommodation, aids and equipment as well as provide financial compensation for the actual injury.

The birth of a child is an extremely important and unforgettable time for a family, particularly the parents of the baby. Unfortunately if things go wrong during pregnancy or labour, the effects can be catastrophic for mother and baby. If either are a victim of a birth injury as a result of medical negligence it may be possible to launch a birth injury claim with Stephensons.

Common problems relating to birth injuries include oxygen deprivation of the new-born, negligent reading of CTG scans, complications during a caesarean section, failed sterilisation and problems in the ante natal period such as bladder, bowel or ureter injury.

  • Living with Cerebral Palsy - Nicole's Story 

    Nicole Loughrey was injured at birth due to the negligence of medical professionals and diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Nicole's parents came to the specialist medical negligence solicitors at Stephensons and we were able to secure funding to support Nicole and her family for the future. Here Nicole's mother Jan talks about how life has changed since they have been able to move to a new home which better caters for the needs of Nicole. Jan also talks about her experience of working alongside the medical negligence team here at Stephensons. Head of Medical Negligence at Stephensons, Judith Thomas-Whittingham shares her pride at being invited into the Loughrey's new home and be able to see first hand how the compensation they received has made such a positive difference in their lives.

  • Jan Loughrey

    "Ever since I've got to know Judith she's always been absolutely lovely. And she's always wanting to help. She absolutely idolises Nicole. The work that they put into it on a daily basis, which we don't see, has been second to none. All the team, everyone I've come across, they can't do enough for you. I would say go to Stephensons, they're absolutely amazing." - Jan Loughrey

  • Judith Thomas Whittingham - Cerebral Palsy Claims Specialist

    "To see the end result is an amazing achievement. We work so hard with our clients and on behalf of our clients in order to get the result that we wish for. But then it's very difficult to envisage actually in practise what that means. It's a privilege to be invited back into your client's homes, and to share that with them." - Judith Thomas Whittingham - Head of Clinical Negligence

​Cerebral palsy claims

If your child is affected by cerebral palsy and you believe that it may have been caused by a mis-managed labour or another form of medical accident our team of specialist cerebral palsy solicitors may be able to help pursue cerebral palsy compensation. For free initial advice call us on 0203 817 9430 or complete our online enquiry form and we will contact you directly.

There are many different types of cerebral palsy and the symptoms of the condition can vary greatly from child to child depending on the part of brain affected. Some common symptoms include an inability to walk, talk, learning difficulties, epilepsy and visual and hearing impairment.

Cerebral palsy is caused by damage to the brain usually during labour or in the few hours or days after birth. The damage can occur as a result of a difficult or mis-managed labour, as a result of infection during pregnancy or it can occur due to abnormal development of the baby’s brain during pregnancy.

Cerebral palsy is a non-progressive disorder which means that it will not get any worse throughout the child’s life. Children affected by the condition are, however, sometimes profoundly disabled and often require 24 hour care and assistance. Families affected often find that the diagnosis has catastrophic effects on their lives and financial situation.

Our highly skilled cerebral palsy solicitors have helped many families to pursue successful cerebral palsy claims and earn an appropriate amount of compensation to help families to care for disabled victims of the condition throughout their lives and pay for the ongoing treatment they require.

Because of their many years of experience, our specialist medical negligence solicitors are sensitive to the needs of the sufferer and their families. We appreciate that every single case is important and we strive to provide bespoke legal services which are tailor made for every individual.

To enquire about cerebral palsy claims, call us on 0203 817 9430 or complete our online enquiry form for free initial legal advice without obligation. If your child is disabled due to medical negligence, they could be entitled to compensation, and our highly skilled medical negligence solicitors are perfectly positioned to help you to access it.

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  • Declan's Story - Cerebral Palsy

    Declan has the condition cerebral palsy, in this video his parents explain the effects his condition has had on Declan and the whole family, whilst also discussing the help that is available.
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  • Diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy - Nicole's Story 

    Parents of Nicole Loughrey and our medical negligence expert Judith Thomas-Whittingham discuss the journey the family has been on since her traumatic birth which led to a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.
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Support & information - birth injury

Child Brain Injury Trust - provides emotional and practical support to the families of children who have suffered a brain injury.

Sands - supporting anyone affected by the death of a baby.

MedEquip4Kids - help in accessing specialist equipment for children living with disabilities. 

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