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Here at Stephensons, our expert neighbour disputes solicitors and lawyers have extensive experience in successfully resolving all manner of neighbour, property and land disputes. If you have issues in regards to boundaries, noise, privacy, trees, blocked access or neighbour nuisance (such as anti-social behaviour) we have the experience to amicably resolve what can prove to be an extremely stressful and distressing situation.

If you have a question for our specialist neighbour dispute solicitors please call us on 0203 816 9314 complete our online enquiry form. The neighbour disputes team at Stephensons are dedicated to finding fast and affordable solutions to your situation. We use alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, to avoid court action if possible. Our solicitors recognise the importance of expert evidence and have built up a national network of contacts that can be called upon to help resolve your dispute, in the quickest and most cost effective manner.

You may have already tried alternative solutions to your neighbour dispute problems, such as mediation, contacting their landlord (if they are a tenant), contacting the council or even contacting the police. However, if your neighbour disputes remained unsettled, it is advisable to seek legal advice in order to resolve your issues once and for all.

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Neighbour disputes - areas of specialism

Our solicitor’s specialisms in regards to neighbour disputes include, but are not limited to:

It can be quite stressful and overwhelming if you have approached a neighbour over an issue and they have refused to cooperate, resulting in an ongoing dispute. Some matters can even escalate to the point where a person’s home becomes a prison if they are on the receiving end of irrational or intimidating behaviour from a neighbour. If you would like to speak to our specialist neighbour dispute solicitors to discuss your situation please call us on 0203 816 9314 complete our online enquiry form.

Choosing a lawyer

When choosing a lawyer for your case you need to instruct a professional who is completely knowledgeable in the law surrounding these disputes. It is no good using someone who dabbles in neighbour disputes; do you want to risk your home based on the advice of someone who is not an expert? Often inexperienced solicitors fail to advise their client to accept a very reasonable offer.

How do you know if a solicitor is right for your claim?

  • They will be proactive, they won’t sit on issues for weeks on end
  • They will be honest and tell you which aspects of your claim are strong and which are not
  • They will communicate clearly with you, and with all parties of the case

Good solicitors will work in teams. There will be different people who help you with your case within the office and there maybe also a barrister that deals with certain parts of the case. You are essentially buying in special skills, such as advocacy. Again the barrister needs to meet the same criteria - a proactive specialist, who communicates well.

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    Andrew Roberts discusses his experience after a boundary dispute developed between himself and a new neighbour.

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    Veronica Green discusses her experience after a fence dispute developed between herself and a neighbour who installed a fence blocking part of her property.

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Neighbour dispute FAQs

I've fallen out with my neighbour, what should I do?

Make every effort to resolve the dispute, without giving up the rights in your property deeds. Approach your neighbour to solve the problem amicably. Some local authorities run mediation services that you may be able to use. These disputes can be the lengthiest, most costly and bitter disputes that we see and it is worth making effort at an early stage to avoid a problem.

If the dispute doesn't end then put a polite request in writing. You should also maintain a detailed diary of all incidents. Please remember that this may need to be produced to court at some stage.

Where are my deeds?

These are crucial to any dispute. Your lender may have held them in the past. However lenders are now recording all information electronically, and sending deeds back to borrowers and their solicitors. If you've got the deeds then keep them in a safe place.

What is the Party Wall Act?

This sets out a procedure if you are doing the following:

  • Work to an existing wall or floor shared with another property (a party structure)
  • Building on the boundary with a neighbouring property
  • Excavating works near to neighbouring properties.

Appropriate notices need to be served in order to protect your position. The Act then provides for both parties to appoint surveyors or a single agreed surveyor, who will act impartially. The surveyor will draw up an award, detailing the work to be done. The condition of buildings will be recorded, together with timetables for access and the work.

My neighbour is doing work that is causing damage - what can I do?

It may be worth calling the police, who can assist in some situations. You should also seek advice quickly as you may be entitled to obtain a court order stopping the work (an injunction).

My neighbour is being abusive and threatening me – what should I do?

The police may intervene if the threats and abuse are serious, or amount to harassment. It is worth giving them a call.

Get in touch with Stephensons

No matter the type of dispute you are experiencing with your neighbour, our neighbour dispute solicitors and lawyers are here to guide and support you throughout any legal proceedings you may wish to take. As mentioned previously, it is advisable to try and resolve neighbour disputes amicably, but if this has been attempted and unsuccessful, we will be happy to help resolve the issues for you.

To discuss your neighbour dispute case and have an initial chat about your situation, feel free to call us on 0203 816 9314. Alternatively, if you would prefer to fill out our online enquiry form, a member of our team will then contact you directly as soon as possible.  

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