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Disputes occur in business, from relatively minor issues to those, which may threaten a businesses very survival. At Stephensons, our commercial litigation solicitors emphasis is on working with our clients to manage business disputes effectively and achieve the right commercial result. For immediate advice from specialist solicitors call us on 0203 816 9303.

Our team of experienced commercial litigators are practical and creative problem solvers and use the full range of tools from the Courts to mediation including tough decisive methods where needed to resolve your dispute.

Our commercial litigation solicitors have a wealth of experience representing businesses facing regulatory prosecutions. Businesses have to comply with an increasing number of rules and regulations. Our specialist solicitors act for our clients investigated by various regulatory bodies. Our expertise in attending interviews means that we can become involved at the earliest stage of an investigation which is often crucial to the successful defence of this type of case.

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Commercial litigation FAQs

Should I wait for a claim form to arrive before involving you?

No. The earlier we are instructed the more options are open to help head off the issue before it arises or resolve matters more quickly and cost effectively. It also allows you in many circumstances to take control.

Litigation is expensive and I have no control?

Litigation may be costly; clearly our aim is to restrict those costs and control uncertainty as much as possible. It is your case and so we ensure you are in ultimate control, we also manage the factors outside your control by:

  • Looking to achieve early assessment of merits
  • Transparent cost estimates and updates
  • Set clear strategies
  • Realistic targets
  • Creative, solution based approach
  • Early action

I cannot afford to involve litigation lawyers

Even in litigation lawyers can use their skills to add value to your business; we will look at fixing or capping fees for discrete items of work. We do look at alternative ways to fund litigation involving Conditional Fee Agreements (Stephensons were pioneers in No Win, No fee cases), Insurance and external funding.

I am unsure as to the category of dispute or problem I have and so am unsure who to contact?

A key part of our role is to assist in identifying issues and the effects of the problems you face. Stephensons team is able to deal with all your commercial issues, including regulatory/criminal e.g. environmental agency, DTI.

I might have insurance but am unsure; what should I do?

Many individuals and businesses have a variety of insurance policies covering many risks. We are happy to review policies from the obvious such as legal protection / director and officer to the less obvious such as household to see if your advice may be paid for by an insurer.

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    Commercial litigation - areas of specialism

    • Alternative dispute resolution
    • Construction dispute resolution
    • Director disqualification
    • Franchise disputes
    • Injunctions
    • Interest rate swap mis-selling
    • Landlord and tenant disputes
    • Litigation funding
    • Mediation and arbitration
    • Partnership and shareholder disputes
    • Restrictive covenants

    Our sector experience

    • Local authority
    • Food industry
    • Manufacturing
    • Motor (retail and supply)
    • Recruitment
    • Textiles
    • Transport

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