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Commercial litigation - intro

Our aim is to help minimise damages to your business when attempting to solve an ongoing dispute, providing you with expert support and advice.

Disputes and challenges within a business can be unsettling, but with commercial and proactive advice that’s delivered with your approach to business in mind, Stephensons’ business dispute lawyers work with you to reach a swift resolution. We can provide you with a legal strategy that aims to reduce the impact commercial disputes have on your business, as well as helping you understand the options you have when trying to come to some sort of resolution.

In cases like these, seeking out advice from a knowledgeable commercial litigation solicitor with experience in this area could be in your best interest. This is because these types of commercial disputes can become very complex, as they come in many different forms and each one has to be handled in a specific way. A solicitor who has a history of successfully helping clients face these kinds of disputes will be able to assess your case and work out the best strategy and method you should use.

At Stephensons, we can provide you with access to commercial litigation specialists who will consider your unique situation and work out a solution that is suitable for all parties. We protect our clients’ businesses, avoiding litigation where we can help you maintain your relationships with your teams, customers, business partners or other key stakeholders. Our face-to-face, partner-led working practices help us to identify issues and navigate them to a settlement that results in the best possible outcomes for you.

For commercial litigation and dispute resolution advice that’s tailored to your business, offering a wide range of services, call our team on 0161 696 6170. Our commercial dispute resolution lawyers can help clients nationwide from our offices which include Manchester, Bolton, Warrington, St Helens, Wigan, and London.  

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What is commercial litigation?

In the UK, commercial litigation is a legal dispute between two parties, where one or more of them is a business or corporation. These types of disputes are generally more complex, as they are usually on a larger scale and there can be are multiple stakeholders involved which causes the outcome of the commercial dispute to carry a greater number of risks.

What is the difference between civil and commercial litigation?

The difference between these two types of litigation is that a civil dispute always involves parties that are people, usually regarding issues like property rights or incidents that happen in the workplace. However, commercial litigation means that one or more of the parties involved is always a business or corporation. These are situations where there are more stakeholders involved and the risks are higher.

What does a commercial litigation lawyer do?

A commercial litigation lawyer helps to assess a client’s case and decide which is the best route for that individual, devising a strategy that will lead to the best outcome and hopefully produce a solution that all parties are happy with. They can also help to finalise agreements and make sure legal documentation is water tight.

What is mediation?

Professional mediation is highly effective in settling many commercial disputes. Handled by a neutral, trained mediator, mediation aims to resolve disputes out of court through discussion either face-to-face or with each party meeting the mediator independently. Our commercial dispute solicitors have an excellent reputation for achieving results at mediation with the majority of cases that attend mediation achieving settlement. Stephensons’ mediation services will help you to quickly and seamlessly navigate your dispute.

Will you have to go to trial?

Sometimes, litigation and trial is unavoidable. In those circumstances, you will receive support throughout from our experienced and multi-disciplined team which enjoys a good track record in acting for small and medium-sized businesses, both locally in the north west and nationally. Our pragmatic, business-focused and strategic advice gets you back on track.

Funding can be a worry for clients facing litigation.

Stephensons will, wherever possible, manage and limit the costs of your case, with creative solution-based approaches, clear strategies, and realistic targets.

We will consider alternative funding methods for your case such as conditional fee agreements, damages based agreements, litigation insurance and external funding. 

What areas do our commercial litigation solicitors specialise in?

Our Stephensons’ litigation team is widely experienced, advising directors, shareholders and other stakeholders on aspects including:

Why choose our commercial litigation team at Stephensons?

At Stephensons we can provide you with some of the best business dispute solicitors in the country, those with years of experience successfully helping clients with commercial litigation cases. Offering a wide range of services from shareholder disputes to litigation funding, we deliver efficient advice and support that minimises damages and reduces risks. We will also recommend the best option for you, deciding whether we believe court or mediation is the best form of resolution.

So why not contact our team today on 0161 696 6170 and find out how we can best help you. We have a number of locations across the country boasting a fine selection of talented commercial litigation solicitors, including Manchester, London, Warrington, St Helens, Wigan, and Bolton.

    • Resolving business disputes

      Head of commercial litigation Louise Hebborn discusses the level of experience within the team here at Stephensons and how they are well placed to assist should a business dispute arise, she also talks about how complications can be avoided.

      Commercial litigation solicitor Andrew Whitehead also provides guidance on preparation, funding and at what point legal advice becomes necessary.


      Client testimonials - commercial litigation

      "I'd like to express my admiration of your helpful and professional communication and cooperation. You did a very good job walking me through all possible variants, preparing the letter and answering my questions... I will definitely recommend Stephensons as a trustful solicitor to deal with such matters." - View from a satisfied client

      "Fast, efficient service, clear billing, pragmatic and balanced advice. I recommend Stephensons." - View from a satisfied client

      "Good solid advice, took time to understand the particular set of circumstances and also gave good advice on any secondary issues that might occur." - Mark Clegg

      "I instructed Stephensons to help resolve a complex dilapidations dispute which had been ongoing for some time. The case had gone stale before instructing Stephensons and settlement appeared unlikely. I was advised to mediate to resolve the dispute. I was very impressed with the guidance given by Alistair Gregory who represented me at the mediation. His expertise and skill undoubtedly led to settlement being achieved on the day. I would recommend Stephensons to others." - Savemore Limited

      "I would like to go on record in expressing my appreciation to Stephensons - and, in particular, to Louise Hebborn and Jonathan Chadwick - for their outstanding support throughout my recent commercial dispute.

      It was unfortunate that my company experienced a complex and critical contract dispute so early in its existence, but the unerring and expert guidance that Louise and Jonathan provided from the outset gave us the confidence to fight our corner and the expertise and insight necessary to successfully mediate the case after a long and difficult process. The Stephensons team were always approachable, informed, accessible and extremely thorough in the advice they gave to me, and their support ultimately allowed me to not only recover the monies owed to my business, but also to achieve an outcome which was fair and just (which was just as important to us).Without reservation I would recommend the Stephensons commercial litigation team to anyone (other than my opponent!)" - Rob Best

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