Fall from height compensation claims

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury following a fall from height at work due to someone else’s negligence then you are entitled to make a claim for compensation. To discuss pursing a claim call us on 0203 816 0065.

Our accident at work solicitors represent victims and their families to get the compensation they rightfully deserve. We understand how an accident can affect your life, in particular your day to day activities and our aim is to ensure that we secure you the maximum compensation you need to enable you to recover and potentially adapt to new circumstances.


  • Accident at Work - My Experience by Keith Brown 

    Keith Brown shares his experience after an accident at work resulted in a serious injury, not only did the injury lead to Keith taking time off work but it also meant he would never be able to return to a similar role in the future. Keith talks about the accident and also discusses how he found working with Stephensons to pursue a personal injury compensation claim.

  • Keith Brown

    "Stephensons were great… They kept me informed of everything… and they explained how long things would take. I would definitely recommend Stephensons." - Keith Brown

  • "Keith suffered a serious injury at work which will have a massive impact on the rest of his life. We are delighted to have been able to play a part in ensuring he has everything possible in place to help with his rehabilitation and adjust to life after a serious accident." - Kate Sweeney - Head of Personal Injury

Who is at risk?

A fall from height can occur when protection has not been put in place or equipment is defective, causing a worker to fall. This can lead to death or a serious injury occurring.

Workers that are more at a risk of falling from height are those whose roles involve the following:

  • Work on ladders
  • Work on scaffolding
  • Work on a roof or at high levels
  • Driving high sided vehicles with requirements to load and unload
  • Driving cranes and other elevated vehicles

Employer’s responsibility

Your employer has legal duty to keep you safe whilst you are at work. They need to ensure that protective measures are in place to reduce the risk of an injury occurring.

Our claims specialists will investigate whether your employer has complied with their legal responsibilities; such obligations can include:

  • Failure to carry out an adequate risk assessment
  • Failure to provide adequate  supervision
  • Failure to provide any adequate training
  • Failure to provide suitable work equipment

For more information about pursuing a claim for compensation following a fall from height please call us on 0203 816 0065 and a member of our team will guide you through the process.

Recent claims

Our client was working as a labourer on a building site and was asked to work on scaffolding, at height, without adequate training or assistance from colleagues. Our client lost his footing whilst carrying heavy materials up a ladder, causing him to fall and suffer serious injuries to his heels and ankles. He was awarded £225,000 in compensation.

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