Training & development at Stephensons

Stephensons is fully committed to the training and development of all employees and has demonstrated this by the consistent adherence to the Investors in People standards since 1996.

The firm continues to increase it’s investment in training and development, recognising that this is vital in order to stay at the forefront of legal services provision. Training and development issues are discussed regularly between managers and staff on an informal basis, but also more formally at the annual appraisal.

Stephensons provides many opportunities to progress within the firm and has numerous success stories which can demonstrate this commitment to internal development. There are several examples of solicitors and legal executives who started out as clerical assistants and countless other examples of staff developing their careers to the highest level. Coaching and support plays a big part in this process and the firm is constantly reviewing the most effective ways of delivering training and assisting career development.

Investors in People

The Investors in People assessment report for 2015 praised Stephensons for its dedication to training and developing staff saying: 

"Staff involvement and empowerment is increasingly the norm, people have a good degree of autonomy within their roles and people have been encouraged to develop leadership abilities."

"Team working is consistently excellent across the firm and not only do people feel involved, valued and appreciated within and across teams but they understand the benefits of team working in terms of improving client care, improving efficiency, helping achieve the firm's objectives and making the firm such a good place to work."