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Over the past couple of years, we have unfortunately seen some very high profile cruise ship accidents. However, you don’t have to have been involved in a high profile incident in order to be able to make an accident claim. Any accident or injury that you might have suffered while on board a cruise ship could provide the basis for a claim for compensation. Call us on 0203 816 0065 for some free initial advice.

Cruises are very popular with UK holiday makers, with almost 1.9 million Brits taking such a holiday, and rising year on year, both for the exotic locations on offer and the ease of travel with itineraries that allow you to see all the best local sights. Millions of us spend our hard earned cash on cruise trips and river cruises every year but these holidays can be ruined by something like a personal injury while on board a cruise ship.  As the numbers of cruise ship holiday makers grow, so does the need for expert legal advice for those who have unfortunately suffered issues while on a trip. This is where Stephensons comes in – we not only have the experience you need to help with accident compensations claims but we also have the wide network of contacts that is essential for getting the best possible results. We work on a no win no fee basis, which gives you the flexibility of being able to only pay the bill when the matter is settled.

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How can you make a cruise ship claim?

People often think that because much of the cruise industry is based on the water that it’s difficult to make a claim. It’s true that the cruise liners do operate across international waters and can easily cross through the territories of a range of different countries on one single trip. However, there are laws and regulations that allow you to make a claim for compensation when you have suffered an accident.

The Package Travel and Package Tour Regulations 1992, for example, cover the liability that holiday operators have for anything that occurs during something like a cruise trip. These regulations give holidaymakers rights, however, in some circumstances cruise lines are able to qualify their obligations under these regulations with respect to international conventions. For example, the Athens Convention applies where compensation claims are made by cruise ship passengers and covers a wide selection of countries such as the UK.

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How does a cruise ship claim work?

Depending on the location – and the specific circumstances – it will normally be up to you to prove there has been fault or negligence by the package holiday carrier and that’s something we can help you with. In some situations, this burden of proof is moved over to the cruise line operator and they will be required to show that there was no negligence or fault that caused your injury.

Either way, Stephensons is well placed to be able to identify the rules that apply to you and to assist you with the specialist legal approach that is required for these kinds of cases. Whether it relates to complexity, time limits (which can be especially short against USA based carriers, for example) or issues that can arise as a result of buying cruise trips online, our experienced team is able to help you work out how to make the best claim possible. 

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