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Supreme Court rules that Christian bakers did not discriminate against same-sex activist

  • Posted

The Supreme Court have unanimously ruled that a Christian baker’s refusal to supply their goods and services to a same-sex marriage activist by making a cake decorated with the words, ‘support gay marriage’ was not discrimination. The...

Minimising stress in the workplace

  • Posted

If an employee has voiced that they are feeling stressed it is key that you react with empathy, respond flexibly to their needs and respect confidentiality. If you need to seek advice about how to handle the issue organisations such as Mind and CIPD can...

Spotting the signs and causes of stress in the workplace

  • Posted

Employees are the most valuable asset any business has and so looking after them should be a priority. A happy and healthy workforce is good for business; healthy employees tend to be happier, more productive and take less time off sick. Unfortunately,...

Brexit: has discrimination increased in the UK since the referendum?

Maria Chadwick
  • Posted
  • Author

In May 2018, a UN special rapporteur on racism concluded that following Brexit, ‘extreme views’ in relation to racial discrimination and intolerance have increased, in the UK. Professor Tendayi Achiume was appointed the UN’s special...

Alleged ethnic pay gap within the NHS

  • Posted

The recent findings of a study published on 5 th September 2018 by the British Medical Journal, titled ‘ Ethnic pay gap among NHS doctors ’, are evidence that black and minority ethnic (BME) consultants, employed by the NHS, are paid an...

Discrimination in athletics

  • Posted

Human Rights Watch has recently suggested in an article titled ‘Revoke Discriminatory Athletics Gender Regulations’, that The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAFF) employs discriminatory practices against female athletes. ...

Amputee sues council run golf course for discrimination

  • Posted

A recent article in the media reported that a disabled individual was refused access to Harswood Golf Course in Essex, after the council-operated course refused him entry on a motorised buggy. It is understood that after having his right leg amputated...

How to avoid employment tribunal claims

Philip Richardson
  • Posted
  • Author

According to Ministry of Justice statistics, single employment claims rose by 90 percent in the final quarter of 2017 compared to the same quarter the previous year. This increase follows the abolition of employment tribunal fees in July 2017....

Muslim woman who refused handshake at job interview awarded £3,420 in compensation

Amy Grimshaw
  • Posted
  • Author

It has recently been reported that a Swedish Muslim woman attending a job interview in Sweden for a role as an interpreter was unsuccessful with her application, as a result of her refusing to shake the hand of her male interviewer for religious reasons....

Sex discrimination update - landlord evicts new mums

Gemma Wilson
  • Posted
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It doesn’t seem too long ago that infamous landlord Fergus Wilson was in the news for banning so-called ‘coloured tenants’ from renting properties as he alleged that they left a ‘curry smell’ in the properties. At the time,...

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