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A medical experiment or life saving treatment?

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In the recently reported case of University College London Hospitals v KG [2018] EWCOP 29, the court ruled that it was in the best interests of a person lacking capacity to receive a medical treatment that has never been tested on or administered to any...

Case highlights tragic handling of P's repatriation to Colombia

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The recent reported case of  London Borough of Lambeth v MCS & Anor [2018] EWCOP 14 and [2018] EWCOP 20 highlights the tragic handling of a vulnerable adult’s repatriation to Colombia. The 55-year old Colombian woman, referred to as...

Case highlights importance of protecting the rights of individuals who lack capacity

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In the recent reported case of Z [2018] EWHC 1488 (Ch) the protected party is Z, a successful businessman who carried out business ventures with his brothers. The applicant is the son of one of Z’s brothers who is now deceased. In this procedural...

Court of Protection protects teenage boy from his own 'impulsivity'

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In the case of Buckinghamshire County Council and RT (by their guardian KT ) [2018] EWCOP 12, the Court of Protection has ruled that a 17 year old boy be deprived of his liberty at a specialist unit in order to protect him from his own ...

The Court of Appeal prevents the identification of a protected party at the centre of Court of Protection proceedings

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The Court of Appeal have upheld a ruling made by the Court of Protection refusing to allow journalists to identify a protected party at the centre of proceedings. The case concerned RW, a 77 year old man with a diagnosis of end stage dementia. RW is...

Secretary of State seeks guidance from the Court of Protection - Skripal case

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It is said that the Court of Protection creates a level playing field between the powerful and the powerless. The majority of the cases decided by the Court of Protection relate to people whom are never identified beyond a set of initials to ensure...