Stephen Woodhouse


Stephen began his career with Stephensons in 2012 and went on to secure a training contract with the firm in 2015. Stephen qualified in 2017 and works in the commercial employment team in Bolton advising litigants in relation to the following:

  • Bringing and defending a wide range of claims for unfair dismissal, including claims relating to redundancy, alleged gross misconduct, “whistle-blowing” and ill health or performance;
  • Presiding over large scale group claims/class actions to recover outstanding wages and compensation for claimants.
  • Providing guidance to employees undergoing disciplinary and grievance procedures;
  • Recovering  unpaid wages for clients through the Tribunal, enforcement action or the insolvency service; and
  • Advising employees and workers who have been unfairly treated, discriminated against, harassed or victimised in the workplace.

Stephen offers specialist advise to employees on termination/settlement agreements. He also provides ongoing HR support to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through our Workplace Plus package.

He regularly assists clients funded through a legal expenses policy, undertaking assessments of the merits of a case for both employees and employers in the employment tribunal. Stephen also offers flexible funding to his clients under damages based agreement (similar to “no win fee”)

Key cases

1. Stephen recently represented a North West business in a claim which it faced against a longstanding employee. From the outset, he explained to our client that there was risk in this case due to the heavy handed nature of the manager’s conduct towards the claimant who worked for the business for over 20 years. Our primary role was to limit the damage caused and to criticise the claimant’s conduct arising out of the exchanges with management. In doing this we were able to achieve a positive result for the client, reducing the value of the claimant’s award by half.

2. Stephen represented 37 claimants as part of a group action to recover wages and compensation from their former employer. The employer ran into financial difficulty and was looking to make redundancies however did so without paying their outstanding wages, consulting with or giving adequate notice to, the affected members of staff. He lodged proceedings against the company and its administrators and were able to persuade the tribunal to order the highest available award in favour of all 37 claimants.

3. Stephen recently represented a claimant in an automatically unfair dismissal and whistleblowing claim. The claimant had only been employed by the company for a short period of time and therefore had very limited employment rights. However, he managed to persuade the tribunal that the reason for her dismissal was the complaints that she had raised to her manager and to CQC in relation to serious health and safety concerns. The tribunal found that the manager had been aware of the claimant’s complaints and had been instrumental in dismissing the claimant just days after she raised health and safety concerns. The claimant suffered financial loss and hardship as a result as well as significant injury to feelings. We used this to achieve a lucrative settlement in our client’s favour from her former employer.

What our clients say

"I really appreciated the professional advice from Stephen Woodhouse of Stephensons. He was very quick at picking up the important information while providing simple to understand advice which is appreciated when you have a lot to consider. Stephen was also very empathetic which I really appreciated in my own situation. I would highly recommend Stephensons!" - View from a satisfied client