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Stephen Woodhouse

Female banker in unequal pay dispute with her employer

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In a high-profile case at the London Employment Tribunal, a female banker successfully established that she was the subject of sex discrimination , unequal pay and victimisation by her employer, BNP Paribas. The claimant, Stacey Macken, who joined...

Redundancy - employer responsibilities in the sudden closure of a business

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It was recently reported that the UK retail industry suffered its worst November footfall decline in nine years. This news follows a number of major high street firms who have had to close their doors in recent months. When such stories are...

Can you face disciplinary action at work for something you did outside of the office?

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Veteran Liverpool defender turned football pundit, Jamie Carragher, found himself at the eye of a media storm last week following a controversial spitting incident captured on video. The episode has thrown up a number of interesting...