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Rights of way: what is interference?

Claire Richardson
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A right of way is a legal right of access over property which belongs to someone else. Rights of way take many forms and often contain conditions as to the means and purpose for which they were created. You may for example, have a right of way over your...

Removal of unsafe cladding - will leaseholders be liable for the costs?

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In June 2017 the country watched as flames ripped through Grenfell Tower, destroying peoples’ homes. There is no doubt that it was a horrific incident which led to 72 deaths and many more injured. Everyone living in the block of flats lost...

Ten top tips when buying a house

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Traditionally a house is the biggest purchase anyone will make in their life. However, despite this, people are normally so excited to move that they overlook things which are actually very important, and this can lead to issues later down the...

Is Japanese knotweed knotting you up?

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It’s always frustrating when weeds start sprouting in your beautiful green lawn or your pristine flower beds. Luckily, the majority of weeds are not too much of an issue and whilst frustrating, they can be easily removed without harm to the garden....

Ten top tips when buying a new car

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With the government’s recent announcement of the plan to lift England out of lockdown people will be undoubtedly deciding on their future plans and what their next purchase is. For those people deciding to upgrade or change their vehicle there are...

The seller's secret - property misrepresentation

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Selling your property can be an exciting time. You may be moving to your dream home and just cannot wait for the transaction to complete. You show potential buyers around the property, hoping that they won’t notice that imperfect paint job...

The future of motoring and what this means for the consumer

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In November 2020 the UK government announced its plans in relation to the future of motoring. They confirmed that by 2030, just 9 short years from now, the sale of new petrol and diesel cars will come to an end. Of course their reasons for doing...

Lies, half-truths and deceit in the property market

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The UK property market is currently boosted as the latest Stamp Duty “holiday” imposed by the government has significantly cut the costs of buying a property.  However, the “holiday” is due to end on 1st March 2021. The...

Neighbour disputes and lockdown

Joanne Ellis
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As we are forced to spend more time at home, we are discovering more about our own properties, and more about our neighbours. For many, our relationships with neighbours have improved, as we set out to help those that we can to brighten up the lonely...

Property misrepresentation - how to avoid it and what to do if it occurs

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When you buy a property you are making a big financial investment and it is therefore important that you know everything, good and bad, about it before committing to the purchase. It is your responsibility as the buyer to make sure all of the...

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