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How much did Ilott actually change things for those challenging an estate?

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After the well publicised case of Ilot v Mitson in 2017, there were concerns that the decision to award an estranged daughter around 10% of her late mother’s estate may have opened the floodgates for adult non-dependant children to bring claims...

"You broke your promise" - Son written out of Will because parents don't like his girlfriend

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Within our jurisdiction, people can leave their estates to whoever they wish and there are no set rules for who you have to provide for. If family members are not happy with their provision from the estate of a loved one then they are able to challenge...

Thinking of buying a new build home? Ensure you are covered

Liam Waine
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Buying a new home is often one of the biggest purchases of our lives. It is an exciting yet often worrying time. Most new homes are covered by a builder’s warranty; the most common being the National House Building Control (NHBC). You may agree to...

Resolving fence and boundary disputes

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I recently acted for clients who were forced into a boundary dispute instigated by new neighbours. The neighbours believed that a fence separating the properties was not in the correct position and sought a declaration from the court on the true position...

It's not my knotweed!

Claire Richardson
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In a recent decision by the Court of Appeal on 3 July 2018 the court refused an appeal brought by Network Rail over damages awarded to two homeowners for the effect of Japanese Knotweed on their properties in South Wales. The decision has been hailed as a...

Sir Bruce Forsyth's children may be able to claim against his estate after they are left out of Will

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Sir Bruce Forsyth is rumoured not to have left any of his £11.5 million fortune to his six children.  Whilst it is believed that around £100,000 was placed in trust to be split between his nine grandchildren, reports suggest...

Coronation Street: legal battle ahead for Aidan's family over the contents of his Will

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Shayne Ward’s character, Aidan Connor, committed suicide recently in Coronation Street and it seems that his death is set to cause a legal battle over his Will. The Will is set to omit his family, instead leaving his company to his business partner. ...

Home improvements - sifting out the good from the bad

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5 tips to ensure your home improvements are as good as you hoped Select your contractor carefully ; look at reviews, seek references from previous work they have completed, check profiles on websites such as, check their accounts on...

Next stop... knotweed

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The effect of Japanese knotweed on property has been well documented over recent years with images of the plant growing through concrete foundations and destabilising buildings. However, many cases are now being brought where no physical damage has...

When its s'no'w go - are you covered? An insight into why travel insurance is a necessity for all year round

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In the excitement of booking our well-earned holidays we often forget about the important issues…what if things go wrong? Let’s face it, insurance is usually on our “to do” list prior to departure to often sunnier climates. The...

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