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Can artificial intelligence replace my solicitor?

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Can artificial intelligence replace my solicitor?

With the BBC reporting of the rise in artificial intelligence (AI) and the risks of AI replacing up to 300 million jobs, could AI chatbots soon replace your solicitor?

There’s no doubting that there has been an almost unnervingly rapid advancement in AI and the technical abilities are certainly something to be in awe of. This may lead to individuals and companies considering whether their legal queries can be answered, or documents drafted, faster, better and importantly, cheaper by AI.

Let’s look at some of the pros and cons as far as we can see them.


  1. AI doesn’t need to rest, doesn’t ‘clock off’, doesn’t get ill and takes no holidays.
  2. Current AI chatbots are so powerful, replies can be produced in mere moments. Even the best solicitors are probably unable to respond so quickly with such frequency.
  3. AI has instant access to a wealth of information, often contained in its data set.
  4. AI will likely be more accurate in terms of drafting e.g. less prone to typographical errors.
  5. The AI revolution could mean access to legal services is cheaper.


  1. Whilst AI chatbots may have access to a wealth of information, there is no control over what sources are used and, how reliable these are which could give rise to error in the information provided.
  2. Given the lack of control over the sources of information AI chatbots use, this may lead to potential copyright issues.
  3. AI chatbots are not authorised to give legal advice or conduct litigation.
  4. AI chatbots don’t have a personal connection or any empathy for their clients and their situation.
  5. AI software could be programmed with certain biases.

It’s clear that there are both positives and negatives to using AI for legal services, but with the rapid advancement of AI, only time will tell whether it gets to the stage it can reliably replace your solicitor.

In the meantime, AI is perhaps best placed working alongside your solicitor, be that reviewing documents, conducting research, responding to simpler queries, or analysing data. Having both AI and a solicitor will give the best of both worlds and hopefully the best outcome for clients.

Finally, if you are wondering, the answer is no, this article was not written by AI, but maybe the next one will be!