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Jade Fairhurst

What is the meaning of intellectual property?

  • Posted

Put simply, intellectual property (IP) is property created by use of the mind, such as inventions, designs, literary and artistic works, images, symbols and so on. Just like other forms of property, particularly tangible property, intellectual property...

Passing off - what is it and how can I prevent it?

  • Posted

Passing off is a civil tort falling within the realms of intellectual property law. Put simply, it is when one party misrepresents that its goods or services are those of another party. Passing off can be deliberate or innocent, however the customer is...

Personal data breach claims - defending your position

  • Posted

Personal data breach claims come in many different forms: a letter sent to the wrong address, personal information disclosed to a third party, but the unanswered question, is how do these often small, sometimes relatively insignificant breaches, attract...

What is copyright infringement and how can I prevent it?

  • Posted

Copyright is an intellectual property (IP) right that occurs automatically upon creation of a particular type of work. It protects the copyright owner (or the author), from others copying or reproducing their work. What works are...