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How do I know if I have a valid personal injury claim?

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Can I claim compensation if I was injured by a faulty product?

If you have been injured or harmed as a result of the actions (or inactions) of another party, you may be able to make a personal injury claim for compensation.

In order for your claim to be successful it must be possible to show that the other party has acted negligently in some way. For example, a driver may be negligent if they failed to give way to a cyclist who had right of way, or an employer may be negligent if they have failed to carry out or adhere to an appropriate risk assessment.

There are many different types of claims, including the following examples (although this list is not exhaustive):

Here at Stephensons we know that no two cases are the same, which is why we assess each case on an individual basis. We will speak to you to gather all the information and ask you to provide any evidence you have to support your claim, such as photographs, video footage and details of your injuries to ascertain who you hold responsible for your injury, and why. We then carefully assess this information to see whether we believe we can establish liability against the defendant, and whether we believe your claim has sufficient prospects of success to take forward. If we do not believe you have a case with reasonable prospects of success we will tell you at this stage. It is not in anyone’s best interest for us to proceed with a claim that we do not believe will succeed.

There is no cost to have your personal injury claim assessed and no obligation to proceed, so you have nothing to lose by making contact to have your claim assessed. You can start the process by calling one of our personal injury specialists on 0161 696 6235. They will talk you through the process and will be able to answer any questions you have about making a personal injury claim.

By Donna Wilkes, personal injury claims team