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Increased number of pupils recongised to have special educational needs

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Local authorities face shortfall of more than half a billion pounds for educating children with special needs

The increased number of pupils being recognised to have special educational needs (SEND) will come as no shock to schools or parents who regularly deal with children requiring additional support and provision in order to achieve their true potential.

Parents have become more aware that it is necessary to obtain an education healthcare plan in order to provide funding for the provision that may required and, schools have become much more supportive in this endeavour because they just do not have the money to cover what maybe complex needs within the normal budgetary constraints. 

Unfortunately, even where an education healthcare plan is agreed to be necessary, the provision that is funded is often inadequate or provides for less than the actual cost of implementing the identified provision. This leads to schools not providing what is required, or parents making an appeal to the special educational needs and disability tribunal necessary.

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