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Primary school admission deadline 2021

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Primary school admissions 2019 - national offer day is approaching...

The deadline for primary school admissions for the school year commencing in September 2021 will expire on the 15th January.

It is still possible to apply for a primary school place after this time but the application will be dealt with as a late application which means that all the applications which were submitted on time will be dealt with first. In practical terms, this means that it is unlikely that you will get your first preference if you are submitting a late application.

If there are valid reasons for the late application for example medical reasons or a change of address then this should be raised with the local authority who may then consider the application with higher priority.

It’s also important to make clear any special educational needs or social needs your child may have as part of your application. There can also be specific criteria for certain schools, for instance maintained schools of faith so it’s worth checking with schools to see if they have any specific requirements in the application process.

For those who have submitted their applications by the deadline of 15th January, a determination should be provided on 16th April 2021.  Decisions on late applications are likely to follow this date.

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