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Autism Awareness Day - 2nd April 2014

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2nd April 2014 is National Autism Awareness Day.

Autism is a condition that affects one in a hundred people in the UK and is recognised as a developmental disability. It affects the way a person communicates and how they experience the world around them.

Autism is a highly individual condition and forms part of a spectrum. This means that every person is different and whilst they may share certain characteristics, their needs will be very different. Whilst some may be able to deal with day to day activities with little assistance, others may face also additional challenges, including learning disabilities, which affect them so profoundly that they need support in many areas.

This may include community care services with the local authority or special educational needs provision in terms of schooling.

The Charity Ambitious About Autism is calling for people to tweet and share their comments on what autism means to them  using the #AutismIs and #WAAD. Details can be found here.

Mike Pemberton, head of education law at Stephensons, will be tweeting his views @MikePLLB on what autism means to him.

Our Education and Community Care Teams are able to assist families who are struggling to get the educational provision they need including SEN assessment. If you need to speak to someone concerning autism, or  other conditions requiring additional support in a school, college or community setting then please contact 01616 966 229.