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What do Paul's clients say?

"Paul Loughlin is excellent, he came highly recommended due to his exceptional client care. Following my initial enquiry he provided immediate clear advice and regular communications. Thereafter he managed to get all proceedings withdrawn in less than two hours... I cannot thank him enough and would not hesitate in providing his contact details to friends and family."


"Paul Loughlin handled my case and I cannot praise him highly enough, he is absolutely superb. Paul handled everything in an understanding, compassionate manner and he absolutely nailed the way forward and knew exactly what needed to be done. I'm delighted with what he achieved i.e. getting the case dropped, fantastic! If Paul hadn't achieve this outcome I was facing 6 points and a hefty fine and a court case which I was not looking forward to at all. I can certainly highly recommend Paul Loughlin and wouldn't hesitate to contact him if I ever need assistance in the future and to recommend him to others."

"Paul Loughlin helped me with a public inquiry to get my operator's licence. From the very first time we spoke on the phone until the end he was nothing but honest, professional and extremely helpful. He gave excellent advice and in turn my company has managed to keep trading. I am beyond grateful to him for his services. Nothing was too much and he was always there for me...If I ever need any advice or help again he will be the person I will call upon."


"I found myself in the unfortunate position of potentially losing my driving licence due to a number of driving offences committed (unwittingly) within a short space of time. To lose my driving licence would mean to lose my job. I approached Stephensons Solicitors for advice and support with my case, and I'm so glad that I did. The solicitor and paralegal who dealt with my case were understanding, supportive and very easy to deal with and communicate with. They explained what would happen in an easy to understand manner and answered any questions or concerns that I had promptly and clearly. My case was referred to court for a hearing, and Stephenson's Solicitors appointed an excellent barrister to represent me in court who was professional, knowledgeable and reassuring, and she inspired me with confidence. The outcome of my court hearing was a positive one from my perspective and this was largely due to the advice and support given to me by my solicitor and paralegal. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this firm of solicitors for anybody needing legal support or advice. Thank you."


"We had a great Solicitor from Stephensons who was very knowledgeable in obtaining an operator's licence and advising the correct actions we wanted to put into place."


"Excellent professional and friendly staff, Kept me well informed with regular updates of my pending trial and made me feel comfortable about my situation. I would highly recommend Stephensons solicitors to anyone needing their services, and will 100% use their services again if the need arises."


"I could not of been happier with the service from Paul of Stephensons Solicitors LLP. Paul's expertise and fore knowledge of my case really saved the day and I received the best outcome I could of possibly hoped for. He put me at ease and talked me through each step of the way. I would recommend Paul Loughlin of Stephensons to anyone requiring Legal assistance."


"Paul Loughlin was the best... listened to everything, all odds against me getting a result... got the truth out and I didn’t even get to a court room."

Paul Loughlin

Stricter laws for using a mobile phone while driving come into force this week: what are the changes and what does this mean for you?

  • Posted

Motorists are being warned ahead of new laws around using your mobile phone while behind the wheel coming into force this week. From Friday (25 th March) the new stricter laws will mean drivers cannot use a hand-held device while behind the wheel for...

Highway Code rule changes

  • Posted

There is no doubt that better protection for more vulnerable road users has been long overdue and the changes in the Highway Code will go some way to close that gap. There has been much debate since the announcement of these rule changes as to whether they...

Ban on using hand-held devices when driving

  • Posted

The announcement that UK drivers will be banned from filming or searching for playlists on hand-held devices from next year will be welcome news for many and goes some way towards making our roads a safer place for all road users. This offence has...

Can I be prosecuted for the contamination of land?

  • Posted

Land is contaminated when there are polluting substances in, on or under the land. This may mean that the substances have been left in buildings or on land or that the substances are buried in the ground. Every local authority has a duty under Part 2A of...

The evolution of mobile phones and the impact on our roads

  • Posted

The use of mobile phones in vehicles has long been under the spotlight. It has been illegal to use a mobile phone whilst driving since 2003. We have seen penalties gradually increase since the introduction of the offence in 2003 when penalties were...

Drug driving conviction codes

  • Posted

Drug driving is a serious offence and the police, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), and other organisations, use what is known as endorsement codes to classify offences. All the codes explained here on this page are related to drug driving...

Reports of serious speeding offences during lockdown

  • Posted

As the roads are quieter with less people travelling to work and following government advice to stay home, it would be reasonable to expect a significant fall in the number of speeding offences . Looking at previous annual figures they still remain at...

DR10, DR20 and DR30 endorsement codes explained

  • Posted

The police, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and other organisations use endorsement codes to classify certain driving offences. What is a DR10? A DR10 relates to the offence of driving, or attempting to...

DR40, DR50, DR60 and DR70 offence codes explained

  • Posted

The police, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), and other organisations, use offence codes, also known as endorsement codes, to classify offences. DR40, DR50, DR60 and DR70 are all codes related to drink driving offences. ...

Black box insurance - what happens if I exceed the mileage?

  • Posted

Young drivers and those who have only recently passed their driving test are typically faced with expensive quotes when shopping for their car insurance. Black box or ‘telematics’ insurance is a great alternative for these individuals. Black...

The new driving laws coming into force in 2019

  • Posted

If you are a driver there are several new driving laws due to come into force this year that you need to know about. There are 48 million drivers on our roads and these new laws will affect everyone from the most experienced drivers to those who have only...

'Disorganisation' results in unlawful £96,000 fine for Premier League footballer

  • Posted

Hefty financial penalties imposed for criminal motoring offences committed by high profile individuals are becoming regular news topics. We are now seeing what appear to be extraordinary fines being imposed on those affluent ‘celebrities’ to...

Don't be caught out by ageing tyres

  • Posted

Debate surrounding imposing a legal age limit to tyres used on coaches and buses is rumbling on, some four years after a company had its PSV (public service vehicle) operator licence revoked by the Traffic Commissioner following the death of three...

New sentencing rules to give an alternative approach for the courts

  • Posted

It might have been picked up on most people’s radars in the last few weeks that the Sentencing Council has revised the sentencing guidelines for speeding meaning motorists convicted of serious speeding offences are set to face harsher penalties....