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Paul Loughlin

'Disorganisation' results in unlawful £96,000 fine for Premier League footballer

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Hefty financial penalties imposed for criminal motoring offences committed by high profile individuals are becoming regular news topics. We are now seeing what appear to be extraordinary fines being imposed on those affluent ‘celebrities’ to...

Don't be caught out by ageing tyres

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Debate surrounding imposing a legal age limit to tyres used on coaches and buses is rumbling on, some four years after a company had its PSV (public service vehicle) operator licence revoked by the Traffic Commissioner following the death of three...

New sentencing rules to give an alternative approach for the courts

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It might have been picked up on most people’s radars in the last few weeks that the Sentencing Council has revised the sentencing guidelines for speeding meaning motorists convicted of serious speeding offences are set to face harsher penalties....