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Speed limit in built up areas to be reduced to 20mph

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Speed limit in built up areas to be reduced to 20mph

Changes to the speed limit in urban areas have long been under review and their introduction in Wales could point to their gradual introduction across the UK as a whole. There is a concerted effort from safety campaigners, political parties and even car manufacturers to make our roads a safer place for vulnerable road users.

We know from experience that a significant number of speeding offences occur in 30mph zones, there is also evidence to suggest that drivers are more likely to be killed or seriously injured in urban areas. Recent research found that over 16,000 fatal crashes occurred in areas where the speed limit is between 21-30mph. The statistics therefore seem to support the introduction of these measures.

As to how effective this will be is unclear given that some research has shown that only 13% of people adhere to the lower 20mph zones. It will certainly be interesting to see both how effective this is in Wales and whether they are rolled out further across the UK in time.

Find out more via BBC News: Speed limit to be lowered to 20mph in Wales