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You've planned for your children's Christmas but have you planned for their future?

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Are your relatives planning to disinherit you this Christmas? Arguments over the holidays lead to huge spike in people changing their Will

Everyone is busy making plans for the upcoming festive season to ensure their children have the best Christmas and enjoy watching their faces light up when they open their presents from Santa Claus. But who would ensure your children have the magical Christmas they deserve if you weren’t here?

Many people view addressing the subject of making a Will during the build up to the festive season as ‘doom and gloom’ but the truth is that if you put off making one, you may never get around to it and this can make a distressing and difficult time even harder on children in the unfortunate event that parents pass away.

The question that all parents really need to be asking themselves is: how could we make the process of dealing with the loss of a parent more bearable for our children?

One simple answer is to make a Will which can include clear wishes about who would take on the role of guardian and care for children should anything happen to you and can also appoint trustees to manage any trusts created for your children. A Will can also be accompanied by a separate document called a ‘letter of wishes’. This document can detail the way in which you would like your children to be raised and can also include wishes as to how their inheritance can be spent whilst they are still children.

At Stephensons we can assist with everything from the simplest of Wills to complex estate planning. We are happy to discuss your Will with you and make sure that you go into the new year with your affairs in order and have the peace of mind that your children will always be looked after even in the event of your death. Please feel free to contact us on 01616 966 229.