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Annual reports for Court of Protection appointed deputies

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Court of Protection decides that man with irreversible stoma has the right to choose to die

An annual deputy report must be completed for all Court of Protection deputyships. Deputies are required to complete an annual report each year explaining the decisions they have made as deputy and submit the report to the Office of The Public Guardian (OPG). A final report may also be required where a deputy ceases to act and this will be confirmed by the OPG.

The annual deputy report is completed on form OPG102. Annual reports can now also be submitted online, if you want to use the online service you will need to register for an account using your case number, your email address and the patient’s surname. 

Once the report has been submitted to the OPG, this will be considered and the OPG may respond to request further information from the deputy in relation to its contents. The OPG can also request that a report is completed more often if they feel this is necessary and will confirm this to the deputy.

The OPG will contact the deputy to confirm when the annual report is due to be submitted and the deputy should ensure that the report is completed and sent to the OPG by the deadline provided. Each annual report is due on the anniversary date of the deputyship order, for example if your deputyship order is dated 2nd October 2023 your first reporting period will run from 2nd October 2023 to 1st October 2024.

Completing the report includes providing details of any significant decisions made by the deputy during the reporting period, details of payments made and received during the reporting period, details of any assets and their values, any gifts made during the reporting period and details of any debts. Opening and closing balances must be provided for each account managed under the deputyship, and the deputy must ensure that all the accounts balance to the penny before submitting the completed report to the OPG for review.

It is good practice to keep copies of all financial records including bank statements, invoices, receipts, and correspondence regarding transactions made on behalf of the patient, often referred to as ‘P’. This will assist with completing the annual accounts quickly and accurately when it is due.

Stephensons’ Court of Protection deputyship team are highly experienced in managing professional deputyships and complete the annual report each year as part of this service. The team are happy to chat with you to discuss how they can assist with managing deputyships and preparing application to the Court of Protection. Call us on 0161 696 6238.