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Do I need to update my Will if I move house?

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You should definitely review your Will if you move house. Although you may not need to make any changes, you should at least make a note to store with your Will of your change of address. An incorrect address on a Will does not usually affect the validity of the document but have it checked by a professional just in case. 

Depending on how you own a property with someone else, affects how it will pass on your death. If you own a property with someone else as what is known as 'joint tenants', it automatically passes to the surviving proprietor through a term known as survivorship regardless of what you have stated in your Will. If you own a property with someone else as what is known as 'tenants in common', you can control where the share of the property passes under the terms of your Will. A specialist can check this for you at the Land Registry and will be able to advise you accordingly.

Of course it is much better if your address is up to date on your current Will and you should seek advice to check what changes you should make.

Similarly if any parties named in your Will have changed address, you should at least make a note of this and store this with the original Will. This is another reason why it is advisable to review your Will regularly and whenever your circumstances change.

Should you wish to review your current Will or discuss making any changes please do not hesitate to contact our Wills and Probate solicitors to discuss this on 0161 696 6238 or complete our online enquiry form and we will contact you directly.