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Wet floors lead to life changing injuries for two workers

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Slipping accidents in the workplace can often be avoided and are usually down to those responsible for the maintenance of the premises, or the health and safety of employees, failing to deal promptly with or alert people to a hazardous issue.
Lisa Fraser, a senior staff nurse at Southampton General Hospital, faces a life on crutches after slipping on a wet floor whilst tending to a patient. Now unable to live independently, and prevented from returning to her normal duties as a nurse, the 31-year old is pursuing a compensation claim of up to £200,000 against the hospital trust.
£200,000 sought for slip accident at hospital
The floor on which Lisa Fraser slipped had just been cleaned, but there were no warnings of this fact, and no signs placed to highlight the hazard. She has since returned to the hospital as a research nurse, but her employment prospects and earning capabilities are now considered poor. Her £200,000 claim will take all of these facts into consideration.
Meanwhile, an award of over £1 million is being sought by a former takeaway worker who also slipped on a wet floor at work.
Takeaway worker seeks £1 million payout
56-year old Sylvia Cheung suffered head and spinal cord injuries when she fell whilst working at the Yang Sing takeaway in Dovecot. Her legal team has presented a case predicting that despite her current mobility, it is likely she will be confined to a wheelchair in the future and will need a very high level of assistance. The owner of the shop denied liability for the incident but in London’s High Court, it was judged that she was 85% liable. Mrs Cheung, the judge said, should have been aware of the risk and found her 15% liable. This will impact on the amount of compensation awarded.
Long term prognosis
Slip accidents can result in different types of injuries, ranging in severity. When these accidents have long term connotations, such as preventing the victim from returning to their usual job, reducing independence or calling for ongoing care, all of these aspects need to be factored into the claim. In the cases of Sylvia Cheung and Lisa Fraser, their lawyers are not just pursuing compensation for their existing situations, but are considering their future predicaments.
At Stephensons, our highly skilled accident at work lawyers have a proven track record in achieving high levels of compensation for employees who have suffered injuries whilst fulfilling their duties, and are enduring life changing effects as a result.
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By personal injury solicitor and Stephensons’ Partner, Kate Sweeney