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Child cruelty and neglect offences in England and Wales

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How can I stop my ex removing our children from my care or changing their school?

The true extent of child abuse in England and Wales is unknown, which is partly because survivors find it difficult to speak about what happened to them. In addition to this, it is not something that is often discussed or well understood.

But there are some statistics and facts that we do know:

  • According to the NSPCC there has been a 106% increase in child cruelty over the past five years. Data shows recorded offences of adults neglecting, mistreating or assaulting children.
  • Statista Research Department published a report in July 2023, which reports there being 32,961 child abuse offences being recorded by the police in England and Wales.
  • It is estimated that 10% of children in the UK have experienced neglect as their basic physical and psychological needs have not been met. It is a form of child abuse that can have a serious and long-lasting impact on a child’s life.
  • Neglect can happen at any age, sometimes even before a child is born. If a mother has mental health problems or misuses substances during pregnancy, then she may neglect her own health and this can damage a baby’s development in the womb
  • The report by Statista Research Department shows how the number of recorded offences has increased on a year-by-year basis and how there has been a significant increase in the past five years.

The report can be found here. 

NSPCC are understandably very concerned that the number of cruelty and neglect offences are increasing on a yearly basis and are pushing for the current government to implement their proposed plans to reform the child protection system. This is because the frontline of child protection which includes health, police and childrens’ services are experiencing increasing costs and are in high demand, especially since the pandemic.

If you or a loved one has suffered neglect or abuse, then you may wish to pursue a compensation claim. It can be possible to submit a claim for compensation against the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, if the matter has been reported to the police, or it can sometimes be possible to pursue a civil claim for the abuse, if the abuse has been caused or enabled by a business or public body who have the means to provide compensation.

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