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Time to Talk Day 2019

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Time to Talk Day Day 2019

Thursday 7th February 2019, is “Time to Talk Day”. Designed by Time to Change to raise awareness in relation to all types of mental illness, and lead by charities Mind, and Rethink Mental Illness, Time to Talk Day is encouraging everyone to have a conversation about this challenging and still, to a certain extent, taboo subject.

Whilst, the days of people being told to “pull themselves together” by doctors, and even family and friends are hopefully long gone, in some circumstances, mental illness, depression and anxiety are still sometimes swept under the carpet, and all too often people are not getting the correct help for their conditions. The phrase “it’s good to talk” has never been more appropriate.

Stephensons deal with claims for compensation for many different types of accident, from amputations and life changing injuries to some which may not be considered to be so severe. However, the level of injury does not necessarily mean that the injured person will not become psychologically affected. In many instances, it isn’t just the physical wounds that are left behind after the accident. Psychological effects post injury can include:

  • Post traumatic stress disorder
  • Anxiety, depression and low mood
  • Agoraphobia
  • Opiate dependency
  • Situational and specific phobia
  • Pain disorders

Stephensons have a team of personal injury specialists who have access to a network of psychological and psychiatric experts, to provide psychological evidence to support this type of claim. A diagnosis and prognosis can be provided, and treatment programmes such as cognitive behavioural therapy recommended, the cost of which can be included as part of a personal injury claim.

Do you think that you have been psychologically affected as a result of an accident?

The following are just some examples of the type of claim that Stephensons personal injury specialists have dealt with recently:

A hardworking manual worker and family man suddenly found himself with a serious injury which caused him to lose his job, and will affect his ability to work in that role forever. Suddenly, his income depleted, and his family found themselves surviving on benefits. As a result, he became depressed, knowing that he is unlikely to ever return to his previous role as the main breadwinner and provider for his family.

A successful businesswoman in the cosmetic industry was unfortunately a victim of an unprofessional beauty therapist, and suffered scarring and discolouration to her face as a result of treatment gone wrong. She found herself suffering from anxiety and confidence issues, and was diagnosed with a psychological disorder as a result of the incident.

An elderly lady suffered a slip in a supermarket, and suffered a nasty fracture to her leg. Following on from the physical effects of the accident, she developed agoraphobia and finds that she cannot now go out unaccompanied, diminishing her social life and taking away her independence.

So, go on, have that conversation, and be brave enough to seek the help that you need. Further information about “Time to Talk Day 2019” can be found on Time to Change,  Mind and Rethink Mental Illness websites. If you think that you have suffered or are suffering from a mental illness as a result of an accident please call our experts on 01616 966 229 who will discuss the options available to you to obtain the help and compensation you need to be able to move forward.