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Scottish road traffic accident is an internet 'hit'

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An Aberdeenshire woman has been charged with dangerous driving after driving the wrong way down the slip road of a busy dual carriageway and crashing head on into two lorries.

Aberdeen Sheriff Court heard how Shazida Begum admitted causing the crashes by driving dangerously on the A90 Aberdeen to Stonehaven road at its junction with the A956 slip road in March of this year. Although sentencing was deferred by Sheriff Gregor Murray until next month, Miss Begum admitted causing the collisions and described how she had become confused and thought she was driving down the left hand lane of a dual carriageway when she entered the slip road the wrong way.

Footage of the collision and Miss Begum’s dangerous driving were captured on camera by a device fitted in one of the lorries which her car hit. The video clip was downloaded onto YouTube and has since amassed over two million hits. Viewers of the footage can clearly see Miss Begum’s silver Vauxhall Corsa narrowly avoiding an oncoming lorry before heading up the slip road by where the car then crashes head-on into the front of another lorry on the northbound lane of the dual carriageway.

The lorry in question then jacknifed and flipped over onto the side of the road next to the Charleston flyover on the outskirts of Aberdeen whilst Miss Begum’s car then proceeded to collide with another northbound lorry.

Amazingly there were no serious injuries sustained as a result of the collision with Miss Begum escaping uninjured and one of the lorry drivers suffering minor injuries.

The You Tube footage can be viewed here:

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By personal injury claims handler, Dean Callaway