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New Year celebrations can lead to serious incidents

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It was announced recently that Greater Manchester paramedics received emergency 999 calls every 20 seconds during the New Year period. This statistic served as a reminder that there are many things that can go wrong during any time of celebration.

Road traffic accidents are usually more prevalent during the winter months, and can often lead to serious injuries or even death. Slippery pavements can mean major problems for pedestrians, and congested pubs and clubs can sometimes lead to accidents for party-goers.
If you were involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault over the New Year period, you should contact a legal specialist as soon as possible as you could be entitled to compensation which could provide you with the financial support you need to ensure a full and fast recovery.
At Stephensons, we specialise in helping victims of personal injury, whether sustained in a road traffic accident, in a public place or indeed in any situation where blame can be laid on another party. If you feel you have a case, give us a call today on 01616 966 229 and speak to one of our experts.
By personal injury solicitor, Kate Sweeney