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Nearly one in five young people admit to video calling while driving

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Nearly one in five young people admit to video calling while driving

A recent report from the RAC has revealed that nearly 1 in 5 (18%) drivers aged 17 to 24 years old admit to making or receiving video calls when driving. Worryingly, just under 1 in 10 young drivers (9%) also said they play games on their phones whilst driving, making them 3 times more likely to do this compared to the average UK driver.

An average of 8% of all UK drivers say they will make or receive video calls whilst behind the wheel but young drivers are more than twice as likely to do this. The RAC report also confirmed that 13% of 25 – 44 year olds also admitted to making or receiving video calls.

Since 2016, the RAC has studied the issue of using handheld mobile devices closely and highlighted the issues regarding this. In 2020, 29% of all drivers will make or receive calls on handheld phones while driving according to the report. This is up by 5% compared to last year and the highest since 2016. The RAC therefore believes the recent report highlights the need for renewed focus on changing the behaviour of motorists, particularly the younger drivers.

On a positive note, only 8% of all drivers are texting or sending other messages whilst driving which is down by 6% compared to last year and down from 2016 when it 1 in 5 people would text behind the wheel. However, young drivers are again more likely to send texts or other messages (15%) but promisingly, this figure is down from 37% reported last year.

Almost one third of all drivers surveyed (32%) stated that other drivers’ use of handheld phones is the 2nd biggest overall motoring-related concern identified. The state of local roads is the 1st and main concern.

79% of people also now want to see camera technology introduced to catch drivers acting illegally which could help the police catch them in the act.

It has only recently been reported that there were 153,000 casualties as a result of road traffic accidents in 2019. Sadly, more than 75 people are killed on our roads every day. As a result, Brake, the road safety charity, have voiced their concerns on the findings from the RAC report and are calling for a complete ban on the use of a phone when driving, including hands-free.

In summary: what drivers across the UK are admitting to doing

Type of handheld mobile phone use while driving

2020 and 2019 figure (all drivers)

2020 and 2019 figure (drivers aged 17-24)

Make and receive calls

29%, up from 23%

42%, down from 51%

Send texts, social media posts or use the internet

8%, down from 14%

15%, down from 37%

Check texts, social media posts or app notifications

14%, down from 17%

22%, down from 35%

Take photos or record video

6%, down from 13%

14%, down from 35%

Make or receive video calls



Play a game on a mobile phone




If you have been involved in a road traffic accident which wasn’t your fault, perhaps as a result of the driver of the other vehicle texting whilst driving and have suffered injury, then please speak to one of our specialists on 0161 696 6235 who will be happy to talk you through the claims process.