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MEP's call for improved car safety standards

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Road traffic accidents - Do I need a solicitor?

The European Parliament's Transport Committee has called for improved safety standards in new vehicles via a non-binding resolution such as automated emergency braking systems and seatbelt reminder warnings for all seats rather than just front seat seatbelt warnings which are now fairly commonplace in new vehicles. The committee has called for legislation to be proposed by the European Commission in early 2018.

The transport committee have a goal of no fatalities arising from road accidents. In 2016 the European Commission published a list of 19 safety technologies it is considering making mandatory in new vehicles. The commission is also considering specific safety measures for lorries to protect pedestrians and cyclists such as improvements to the lorry drivers direct field of vision. The road safety charity, Brake wrote to the Department of Transport urging the UK to support the proposed measures under UK legislation following Brexit.

At Stephensons we deal with a significant number of claims arising from road traffic accidents, including a worrying number of serious accidents involving lorries, pedestrians and cyclists. We welcome the news that additional safety features may be made mandatory in new vehicles, and hope that the UK will implement such measures into UK legislation following Brexit.