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Injured pedestrians win £2.1m in pay outs due to damaged and dangerous pavements

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According to Freedom of Information research by the AA, UK councils received 10,572 claims from pedestrians who had been involved in trips and slips on pavements in one year, to the end of May 2018. Only 8% of the claims were successful (859 claims) and they received £2.1m in compensation, an average of £2,458 per claim.

The AA received responses from 365 out of 421 local authorities to their Freedom of Information Act requests. A total of 270 local authorities made personal injury payments to pedestrians in the 12 months but it is thought that the total figure will be much higher as not all authorities responded to the request.

The research revealed that Hillingdon Council in west London paid out 78% of claims, with 115 out of 148 claimants being successful. They received a total of £346,596 and an average of £3,014 per person. However, Manchester City Council paid out the most compensation at £464,409 between 85 successful claimants, an average of £5,464 per person.

The top five councils for pavement injury compensation payments were:

  1. Manchester City Council – 389 claims of which 85 were successful, sharing £464,409 in compensation
  2. London Borough of Hillingdon – 148 claims of which 115 were successful, sharing £346,596, in compensation
  3. Plymouth City Council – 209 claims of which 38 were successful, sharing £154,559 in compensation
  4. Lancashire County Council – 512 claims of which 31 were successful, sharing £119,535 in compensation
  5. Leeds City Council – 1514 claims of which 26 were successful, sharing £81,011 in compensation

Meanwhile, Liverpool City Council declined all 448 claims made against it and did not make any pay outs.

A separate survey conducted by The AA found that 79% of 16,000 motorists were concerned about uneven pavements and almost two thirds of those surveyed had come across paths overgrown with trees and hedges.

If you are a visitor to a public place then you have a legal right to be kept safe. According to the Highways Act 1980 the highway authorities are expected to keep pavements as well as roads in a good state of repair. If you have suffered injury as a result of an accident in a public place then you may be able to claim compensation. For free initial guidance call our legal team on 01616 966 229.