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Johnson & Johnson face £350million legal bill for tumour-causing defective hip replacements

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Over 10,000 British patients who underwent hip replacement operations could be hitting Johnson & Johnson’s orthopaedic arm, DePuy, with a multi-million-pound legal bill after suffering ill effects and being told that their operations will need to be reversed.
Patients have suffered unbearable pain and some have been unable to walk since their operations. Lawyers are preparing a class action which it is said could result in a £350million bill for the pharmaceutical giant.
The faulty hip implant - the ASR device – arrived in the UK in 2003. Made from metal alone as opposed to metal and plastic, it was supposed to last longer and reduce tissue and bone loss as it was inserted.
Metal particles released into bloodstream
In 2007, reports started to emerge from patients who were experiencing pain. Bioengineer Dr Tom Joyce headed a research team at Newcastle University which found the metal surfaces on the implants had been wearing down and releasing chromium and cobalt particles which were causing inflammation, blood poisoning and benign tumours.
Scientific tests showed the metals were linked with cancer. Over 1,000 people have already had their operations reversed.
Dr Tom Joyce said: 'Revision surgery for all implants costs the NHS a quarter of a billion a year – so these revisions for the DePuy implant will be costing the taxpayer millions.'
Compensation will cover suffering, financial loss and the cost of care
Patients will be claiming compensation for pain and suffering, loss of earnings and the cost of further operations and care. In cases like these, lawyers usually push for an out of court settlement and work very closely with medical and research experts to produce expert evidence.
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By personal injury solicitor, Kate Sweeney