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Tougher vehicle insurance laws proposed

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A new set of Government proposals will attempt to reduce the number of uninsured drivers on the road in the UK which is currently estimated at one million. The aim of the legislation is to reduce illegal drivers and decrease the high insurance premiums that are paid. Currently the police can only take action if the vehicle is in use and on the road, the new laws will make keeping a vehicle off-road without insurance illegal and subject to a large fine. The only way to avoid landing in hot water is to declare the vehicle off road with the DVLA, the penalties for not doing so would be a fine and between six and eight points endorsed on the licence.
Critics of the plans do not believe that the law would affect the people it intends to target who rarely hold insurance, a registration certificate, MOT or even a licence in the first place. It would be the genuine cases that would have the law forced upon them as they are the registered keepers of the vehicles and so easy to find and prosecute.