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Take my speeding penalty points?

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Chris Huhne is the well known Liberal Democrat MP who is currently at the centre of a scandal for allegedly asking his wife to accept some speeding points 'on his behalf.' There is no doubt that this type of conversation is not limited to the homes of MP's but the fact that Mr Huhne already had too many penalty points on his driving licence adds fuel to the fire. At the time of the speeding offence Mr Huhne would have been dealt with by the Magistrates Court and would have been looking at a six month ban under the totting up provisions. Although we like to think that a good specialist motoring solicitor would have kept him on the road, it was not a chance that some people would risk. The speeding offence itself dates back to 2003 while Mr Huhne was a Euro MP. 
Mr Huhne’s office has since stated that "The allegations made against Chris Huhne are simply incorrect. These allegations have been made before and have been shown to be untrue.' There have been the usual rumours that this is only a smear campaign against on a popular MP but we should be able to verify the facts through the Court records, photographs of the offence and evidence from his ex wife. If all of these items are available then Mr Huhne could be looking at perverting the course of justice. This is a very serious offence and could well carry a spell in prison for the MP. It should also be remembered that Miss Pryce is complicit in the offence and it would not have been completed unless she had agreed and signed the notice of intended prosecution.
However, all stories need to be told and it has been confirmed that Miss Pryce, formerly chief economist in the Government’s Business Department who now works for a London consultancy, has held meetings with publishers over a tell-all book which will provide further details of exactly what arrangement was reached for the speeding penalty points.