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Drink driving soldier escapes custody

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At Bournemouth Crown Court recently Henry Wallace, who serves with the Royal Tank Regiment, pleaded guilty to drinking 11 pints of lager and six shots in just two hours and then driving a Mazda 323 sports car.
After getting behind the wheel his dangerous driving resulted in him crashing into three other cars and running over a Police Officers foot before being arrested by for driving with excess alcohol. Mr Wallace was sent to the Crown Court for sentence and was represented by a specialist motoring solicitor.
Mr Wallace was given a community order and disqualified for three years. It is clear that good mitigation must have been put forward by the criminal solicitor and custody, although considered by the Court, was ultimately avoided. It was highlighted to the Court that a full or suspended prison sentence would mean the end of Mr Wallace's employment and career.
By drink driving solicitor, Martyn Walsh