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Liverpool man suffers cardiac arrest following use of police taser gun

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An article in the Liverpool Echo this week tells of a further incident relating to the use of police taser guns.

A Liverpool man is reported to have suffered a heart attack after being tasered by police. He was shot twice with a taser in September 2012 after police were called to a ‘disturbance’ at the Albert Dock, involving a fight between a group of men.

One of the taser shots lasted 11 seconds and the man subsequently suffered a cardiac arrest after the second shot.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) found that the use of the weapon was justified. The action was said to be ‘proportionate and appropriate’ due to the existence of a potential threat of violence.

The IPCC did however report that one officer was not aware of how long he was passing electric current through the taser and that there was also a delay in checking the condition of the man.

IPCC commissioner James Dipple-Johnstone said: “It is a difficult judgement to make in the heat of an incident but it is important for public confidence that police officers are able to account for their decision to use force, including taser, and that any force used against the public is at the minimum level required.”

 By Stuart Crook, human rights law & civil liberties solicitor

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