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Police Taser...an easy option?

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There have been many concerns reported recently in the media regarding the use of Taser guns by the police. These weapons release a paralysing electric shock in to the body temporarily interrupting a person’s control of their own muscles.

An article posted on the St Helens Reporter website recently highlighted the case of a 12 year old girl who was shot by police with a Taser because she was holding two knives and had threatened self-harm. This raises the question as to whether these controversial weapons should be administered at all and especially on children. Many may question whether police officers will see the use of Taser as an easy option for gaining the compliance of a person who they want to arrest.

Many people may have thought that the police will use Taser as a “last resort” but to use Taser on a child may raise much speculation. Especially since the child in question may not have been old enough to identify the difference between a Taser and a conventional firearm.

Police officers are subject to strict rules about when they are permitted to fire a Taser.  If these rules are not followed, then the use of this weapon on an individual may amount to an unlawful assault and battery of that person.

By Stuart Crook, solicitor in the civil liberties unit

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