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TV remote mistaken for handgun in armed police raid

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A recent article on the Telegraph website told of a couple who are planning to sue the police following an armed raid by officers at their home in the search for a gun which, in fact, turned out to be a TV remote control.

The residents were apparently arrested at gunpoint in the middle of the night. The armed raid was planned following a paramedic attending at the home to treat one of the residents for a panic attack. It is stated that the paramedic reported that he saw a man holding a weapon in the bedroom. One of the residents had been watching television in the bedroom at the time.

The couple were taken to the police station, locked in a cell and questioned before being released, some four hours later, without charge.

It states in the article that one of the residents talked of suffering bruising and concussion due to the amount of force used by police, during the arrest, and felt embarrassed and upset at being treated this way.

It is reported that one resident was then taken home but the other was left to walk home wearing nothing but a vest and boxer shorts.

One of the residents is reportedly now taking legal action against West Mercia Police, and has also complained to the Independent Police Complaints Commission in relation to the injuries sustained.

A police spokeswoman confirmed they were investigating the complaints raised by the couple.

If you have been arrested or had your home entered and searched without cause or if you have been assaulted by the police then it may be possible to claim compensation from the police force.

By Stuart Crook, civil liberties solicitor

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