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Man Tasered by Brighton police

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Recent local news in Sussex tells of a man who was controversially Tasered by police officers. According to The Argus website, footage taken by a member of the public appears to show a Taser gun being used on the suspect before he was then allegedly kicked to the ground by a police officer.

The use of Taser guns as a police weapon has sparked much controversy in recent months, with calls for increased knowledge around when they should be used and the potentially dangerous and lethal impact that they can have.

Taser guns should only be used as a last resort when other police restraints fail or would not be appropriate. Perhaps when there is a threat to the safety of another or when the suspect is carrying a weapon.

Where, as in this case, the suspect is already cornered by several police officers and is not carrying any weapon, use of a Taser gun cannot arguably be justified.

According to the article, Brighton Pavilion MP, Caroline Lucas, voiced her concerns stating “Tasers are deeply controversial – the public must be able to feel confident the police are using them appropriately.”

The police have launched an internal investigation into the incident.

By solicitor, Stuart Crook

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