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Man receives settlement in wrongful arrest case

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The BBC has reported that Merseyside Police has made a payment of £40,000 to a man for wrongful arrest in an out of court settlement.

John Spencer said he was beaten and sprayed with CS spray in the incident in 2010 when an allegation of making improper phone calls was made against him. An allegation which Mr Spencer denied. Officers attended his address at 1.30am when he had been asleep. His mother Susan had attempted to explain how the allegations were untrue as the home phone was disconnected and they had no credit on their phones however officers proceeded to forcefully arrest Mr Spencer. Susan was also awarded £10,000 after witnessing the incident.

Mr Spencer was initially arrested for assaulting an officer in the incident but he was later acquitted at Liverpool Crown Court.

Mr Spencer was quoted as saying of the incident: 'It mentally destroyed me- I can't trust the police again.'

A Merseyside spokesman was quoted as saying: 'The force can confirm that it sought external legal advice before a settlement amount was negotiated before the case went to trial... Merseyside Police remains absolutely committed to the highest integrity and the professional standards of its officers at all times.'

Emma McClure, human rights law team

Finding yourself on the wrong side of an arrest can be a highly distressing experience. Our expert team are able to offer advice and assistance in relation to all aspects of such a claim. If you would like to speak to a member of our team in relation to such an action call us on 0333 344 4772.