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Forensic testing compensation claims

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Forensic testing compensation claims

Our actions against police team are representing a number of claimants in claims for compensation against Randox Testing laboratory following unsafe forensic test results being used in their samples.

What happened?

In short, forensic samples were allegedly manipulated by forensic testing laboratories, who had been provided with samples by the police. Prosecutions which used these test results to build a case against the accused have collapsed, been overturned or have been halted.

The consequences

A full picture is unlikely to be available for a number of months, with an investigation beginning in 2017 set to complete at the end of 2019.

So far, numerous convictions have been quashed. The majority of these have come in cases such as drink and drug-driving, but other areas include violent assault, rape, murder and suspicious deaths. Some cases have been halted and are awaiting further review.

We know that at least 10,500 test samples are being examined.

What can I do?

Challenges to criminal proceedings arising out of these cases have been successfully mounted across the country. By now, it is hoped that many of these cases will be resolved.

However, those responsible may still face claims for compensation for damages and losses arising from the false samples, such as loss of employment and public transport expenses. Our actions against police team are currently handling such claims. If you wish to speak to somebody today, please call 01616 966 229.